this is where I’m at

June 25, 2007

Ahhh, good memories shall always be associated with State Street, Philly, PA.

Tomorrow we are off to the grand adventure. First into Istanbul then Baku.

Things actually hit me last night, that I’m leaving, and I’m quite nervous. The group here is solid; people who are passionate about serving others…and its nice not having to answer WHY.  Actually, we are all nervous, understanding that (at least in the case of YD) we really have no idea what the heck we’ll be doing.  The unknown is always more intimidating than the known.

Happy things: 

*having a hotel room and HUGE bed all by myself.

*finding another photography nerd in the crew

*the notes from Kate, Rachel and Clifford


6 Responses to “this is where I’m at”

  1. Kate said

    Yay, you posted!!!

    I just wanted to say that I shed a few tears while I wrote you that note the other day. 😦
    Miss you already, friend.

    That’s cool you could meet others who are in the same boat. I hope you have a good travel day tomorrow!

  2. mcmacdonald said

    yay for comment. i cried when i read your note. its hard to process everything. i guess why i cry is i hate missing things in my best friends life! but otherwise, wow, i’m excited, its 2 am and we are all awake sitting in my room chillin.

  3. CNM said

    If you can get me the name of your service provider, we can text to you direct from our computers … and I think from your phone to our computers rather than our mobile’s. Please check out the costs there also.

  4. CNM said

    what is awaiting moderation?

  5. CNMacD said

    I now have 2 comments awaiting moderation …

  6. Girl, I just read your blog, yes, everything you have posted so far. You made it! HOw wonderful, frightening, and insightful everything is, had been and will be. It takes courage, and you are doing it. Every little thing should be celebrated because the culture shock is crazy and magnifies the intensity of every feeling to such a hightened degree. Everything takes so much time, and learning a new language as well as culture. YOur host family sounds fun, scary vendors at the medina/bizzare – so stressful, and men… taking advantage of a situation to over charge when a price was agreed upon. I always went to the same vendor I was introduced to by a local friend and ignored everyone else when going to market. The relationship bond was always helpful, the vendor doesnt want to make the local friend look bad. It is still so overwhelming though.
    I am excited for your english clubs! I used to teach them in Shanghai. Can you teach the teens to thumb wrestle and the corelating song? Let me know if you want to bounce ideas back and forth of when went over well with Chinese students.

    I fell 25 feet off the top of the autobelay route on the left side of the pit at VE on THursday. I forgot to clip in and thought was attached. Nothing broke, nothing fractured. God had me in his hands I think. I was backboarded out with a neck brace and taken to Regions. Spent the night and wow – it was Friday the 13th… doing much better now. Hugs, Janelle

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