July 26, 2007




5 Responses to “pictures?”

  1. Mike said

    Oooh, what cute Azri homeboys!

    There seems to be crap on your lens; there’s a smudgy blob in the same spot in these pictures…

  2. Brian said

    Thanks to Mike for fixing the links, for some reason the posted ones didn’t work for me… wierd. I love the MN Twins getting some rep in the Middle East. That made my day. Are you still shooting with your A95?

  3. mcmacdonald said

    bah, i know about the smugy blob, I’m going to Baku this weekend,(today actually)and i’m gonna try and get it fixed, its made me cry many a time, b/c it ruins good pictures and I dont have the ability to post process. Yes its still the klunky A95

    yeah on MN getting represented!! Matty has family in MN and actually knew where Fargo was. LOL!!! 🙂

  4. Kate said

    Thanks, Mike.

    Yay for pictures– it’s so fun to actually see you in your element!

  5. […] stuff-011.jpg […]

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