back a bit to da 14-17

July 26, 2007

Catch up with me!!.

  Due to slow internet, I haven’t been able to get anything posted for a while.  Anyway, the site visit last weekend (July14- 17) was beyond wonderful.  4 of us PCT girls made it to the city of G. (almost epic bus journey) to visit lovely E.  Basically a giant sleep over.  A time to relax and not worry about language class, awful cooking, and dirty bathrooms.  E has a great pad to herself; we invaded in true form, taking over a room with our packs and junk.  Our first night we ceremoniously went to the market and brought beer and wine.  Just because we could.  And because nothing tastes better than beer/wine when you really aren’t supposed to have it and you prolly shocked the shopkeeper into silence.  On Sunday we had a ‘cookout’ at a AZ4’s house.  Reality: sitting on a portch, eating watermelon, taking 4 delicious long hours to cook a fresh meal, having a plastic blow up pool, with a hammock next to it, and chasing Princess the Pet Chicken.  Our topics of discussion:  What we are trying to do for AZ, sex, bowel movements and WTF(?) moments. (as Mr. T said, “this adventure is made of ‘WTF?’ moments’.) We hooked up an ipod and serenaded ourselves with Spice Girls, RHCP and Madonna (when did I ever think I’d actually enjoy hearing the Spice Girls?)  Nothing beats the ability and opportunity to completely relax, have no demands, and the option to talk or stay silent.  Knowing that one can keep ones sanity and actually have normal relationships (in context) while in PC was really a relief.  Think on what your perceptions of the PC are…did relationships with other Americans factor into that perception?


Kelli, Jenn, Kathleen and I slept in, watched movies, walked, talked about boys and in general acted like we were back in the states. Glorious.  When I have my interview, I know what I will ask for…


Back to training last Tues…the day in which Donny was the center of attention on the bus ride back from cluster…on the sole fact that he was an American guy with 6 girls in tow.


Is it normal to be both painfully happy and stupidly sad all at once, after only being here for a month?



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