August 2, 2007

Today stated out with a call from the Country Director.

No one in my family was hurt. Thank God.



3 Responses to “tears”

  1. Patrick said

    Hey, I was worried when I saw the news. Glad your family’s ok. I’m constantly thinking of you and praying for ya, and I know you’re out there kickin’ posterior.

    Just try not to overwhelm them with your coolness. Idunno if they can handle it.

    I’m gonna try to visit you sometime.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    woooo for finally on board for the madness that is my blog!
    thanks man, now, I’m still waiting for the oatmeal rasian cookies…huh?

  3. Patrick said

    I’ll play your game, you rogue. 😉

    I need your new address. send it to my mail: beigusmcf@lycos.com

    Much love

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