save my money for that plane ride…

August 14, 2007

Back in the city of J on Tuesday night, (after Baku) I needed to roof the Carlyle, sit on the very edge and just be.  I needed to climb a MPLS crane and be scared.  I wanted to sit in the Bridge Room and have my heart race at 100mph.  Do something that would take away stress, make things focus in sharp perspective, let me be 100% imperfect and stupid and fearless.  All I really did tho, was turn on Atmosphere loud, and bite a hole in my lip so I wouldn’t cry.  And I didn’t cry. So it worked.  Every day here is a rush, and a bumbling series of mistakes.  I’d forgotten that unfortunately I’d brought myself with me on my feeble attempts at making a difference.  The language barrier, cat calls, “Channam Kimi Isti’ weather and culture shock, pale when compared with attempting to improve myself.

*”Channam Kimi Isti” = hot as hell.  The other Azri phrase that has stuck in my head J*


One Response to “save my money for that plane ride…”

  1. siologen said

    Bumbling mistakes eh? As long as they dont get you killed, they can only be endearing, and result in your experience being richer.

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