visit to my site!!*claps hands in glee*

August 26, 2007

A few weeks ago I found out my perminate site; the lovely place where I’ll be living for the next 2 years.

Tomorrow I leave to visit my town, spend time with my counterpart, meet the local officials, meet my new host family, and spend time in the resource library.

My new home is on the edge of Caucasus, is one the most beautiful reagions in AZ, and has mild summers (which means I wont be a nasty sweaty mess.  happiness 🙂 

There are ancient fortresses scattered nearby.  (photographers dream, drool)

I will be allowed to hike and run on the trails.

 I have rad site mates, Matt and Rachel from AZ 5

(actually, I just got BACK from my site visit, dial up is lovely, really lovely)


3 Responses to “visit to my site!!*claps hands in glee*”

  1. Ben said

    Niftyness. Glad to hear you’re still alive.

    I’ve stayed at DC’s house most of August, it’s been a fun time. Me and Freak and Macsbug found two entirely new caves that no one had been in in possibly 70 years. Yesterday I built a boat.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    You have no idea how jealous I am of you farkin ninjas, but you are making me proud. Photo the hell outtta those places before they get burned, eh? Have people been going to Butt Grove? I nearly cried when K8 sent me a text saying you all were busting stuff up in the cities. Anything else been found? I was getting stupidly excited about stuff under that one place with the stuff and wanted to see how far Butt Grove went and then I had to leave. Pisser. 🙂

  3. Brian said

    Your new place sounds beautiful, C. Have you been taking many pictures? I’m glad they found a place for you that isn’t polluted beyond imagination or hotter than hell on earth.

    <— also misses the Cities. Weekends don’t seem to exist anymore.

    Ben build boat? What sort of boat?

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