October 1, 2007

 you know the drill by now, read and contemplate each one, then marvel at my astounding observations and thrilling life.

*Climbing over the Spiky fence of death guarding the reservoir (and feeling like I was back in MPLS at midnight busting fresh discoveries)

*Kyle’s accident and request for assistance in holding a certain body part

*”Pipes, lets climb pipes!!!”

*Waking up next to someone

*Falling off the couch (twice)

*Falling backwards onto a sidewalk (perfectly sober) in front of a hot guy (ouch/awkward/embarrassing/still cringing)

*On 5 flights of stairs tripping twice each flight and making the staff laugh

*Breathing the lovely clean air of ISM

*Watching a storm gather over the mountains.

*The color of the sky and clouds before a storm

*Being unable to describe the above mentioned color

*Sonny the Taxi Driver (aka Mad Max)

*The evil grin Mad Max flashes me in the rearview mirror when he pulls an Indy 500 move on gravel roads on the edge of a ravine.

*Matt’s box of treasure that finally made it to AZ

*Glorious books, Peanut butter, Cliff Bars and Pistachios from Matt’s Box.

*”You Look like Demi Moore” (the ladies at work to me)

*Meeting Mark Elliot (the lonely planet writer) at the ‘hotel’

*Huge piles of cow poop

*Making salsa with Jeff, Rachel and Matt

*Jane’s Birthday on the Caspian Beach

*Mikey’s ‘natural’ yoga moves at above mentioned birthday

*”Feaver” (the Azri gift shirt I proudly sport)

*The Bee Outfit (another gift)

*Fresh Honey from Matt’s Host Family

*Waking up to a call from Katie S.

*Unexpectedly crying.

*Coffee, fruit, a book and a kiss for my birthday

*The breathtaking sunset on the way back from Baku

*At night hearing the sea from my porch in Jorat

*Red nail polish (b/c I can and its new)

*Shopping for “mom’s’ gift (and the result being Tupperware)

*Good conversations with Ryan

*Jeff sleeping in the Taxi down the mountains

*Mat sleeping in the Taxi up the mountains

*Katie P and our girl talks via text.

*Petroglyphis and Mud volcanoes.

*Tor’s speech at our swearing in ceremony.

*Making my first girl friend in ISM.

*Trash talking with Ds and Siolo via MSN (see here, I threw both of you in)

*Having Ds say: “Victorian red brick arch.”

*Having Siolo ask: ‘So, what are your plans for Aug.?’

*‘Colleens a she devil’ Will to Shawn

*Being cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for the first time since april)

*When Mere talks

*Nate’s glorious outfit at swearing in. He was Frank Sinatra. (Dreamy)

*Frisbee on the Caspian Beach

*Annihilating an Azri guy at chess (not only am I a dam fine looking American woman, I also happen to be deadly smart.)

*Seeing scrawled graffiti in Smyquat

*Making Mike laugh.

*Getting drunk text from Siolo “Harro!!!!” J

*Waking up to a call from Katie Snow.

*Talking with Katie S’s husband about drains and tailraces and Pillsbury Mill.

*The picture of ‘fish kisses’ with Katie S.

*Fighting with Jane over who will marry Tor.

*My library, courtesy of PCLounge

*Most Azri women call me “Boyuk’ and “kok’ (and that’s not a nice thing to say)

*Reading 6 books at once

*Hot pepper salad and crying as I eat it. (love the sting!)

*‘Shithead’ my affectionate nickname as bestowed by Shawn

*The puppies at my house in Jorat following me everywhere (and crying when they saw me leave)

*Robbie once again becoming a coffee Nazi.

*Blueberry Tea from Liz da Sista

*The herd of Farting Sheep…

Next to the stream of rancid water…

As a lovely place to read for an hour.

*Reading in the Old HA park with…grass

*The kind gardener who chatted with us in the New HA Park

*Watching ‘Jackass 2’ while slightly buzzed.

*‘Don’t worry, just take it easy’ – Joe

*‘You are the most chill person I know’—MA to me before he left

*”Sexy Orca” – the phrase directed at me that got Matt fired.

*”You look like an 80’s rock star” D-Moe to me, with the lot of us in the lounge hung over as hell.

*”Poojar!!!!” – Jeff

*My faux gold adult bed cover.

*”Do you like Beckham?”—fail safe way to making friends with girls everywhere, particularly, AZ.

*The rush of meeting new people.


*”Busting your ovaries.”— The gender appropriate version of “busting your balls’ when addressing a female.

*Having 2 glorious years ahead and knowing it’s not enough time.

*The stars at night

*My host sister giving me snowflake socks before I left Jorat for ISM

*Crunching leaves with my feet as I walk (truly wonderful, if you love fall as much as I do)

*’The Letter’– (…of doom)

*Being swarmed by turkeys

*‘Mr. Burns’ the Rat who lives in my room with me.

* “…and told many stories of ur greatness to a big group of wide eyed and increasingly awed newbs.” —Siolo,while in a drain, telling the Aussie Blokes at GTA’s what a sick ninja I am ( made my week!!!!)


6 Responses to “*grin*”

  1. Brian said

    You still have to tell me how to send you mail. I tried writing “To Colleen” and “In Azerbaijan” on a box, but the post office wouldn’t take it. I guess I need to be a bit more specific (though I don’t think finding someone with your name over there would be too difficult).

    I look forward to your updates, and I’m glad you’re having a good time over there. Dare I say it, I miss you.

  2. Kate said

    That’s so awesome! Some of them sound really funny. I want you to call me and explain each one! ❤

    By the way, when I saw “Katie S.” I thought, hmm, I called her and woke her up, too and then I realized that I *am* “Katie S.!” lol

  3. siologen said

    ‘Hot pepper salad and crying as I eat it. (love the sting!)’

    Lol, youse teh Hot Tamale.

  4. mcmacdonald said

    LOL i’m such a spazing dork, I included the Katie S. call TWICE. ehhh
    Brian, can you send me your email addy/mobile number again? I thought you were on my list. *tear* I miss all you crazy wonderful people

  5. mcmacdonald said

    Kt, when is the best time to call you? i’m gonna try and get a calling card in the next week.

  6. Kate said

    If you call during my work hours, I’ll often be able to catch it, so that’s probably the best bet. I think you’re 9 hours ahead of MN time?
    Weeknights are good, but that’s way too early for you to be up. Man, I don’t know because the time difference is so off! Just call when you can and hopefully I’ll answer. 🙂

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