Happy TriedToMakeMyselfPukeGuestingTuesday

October 7, 2007

 This one prolly won’t be funny, and will be awkwardly long winded. Once again I’m being asked what I’m doing here. I’m still trying to figure that out. As mentioned I moved into my semi permanent home the 2nd week of September. The first week, I did nothing, even less than I’m doing now. I simply sat in the library meeting people and smiling more than was culturally appropriate. Thankfully, I had the scandalously glorious weekend in Baku to feel almost normal (I acted like the true dork I am, and no cared). The past 2 weeks have been busy in Azri terms. I made several friends (!!), one girl in particular is kicking and we’ve spent 90% of our time talking about Beckham and boys and the other 10% chatting about future plans. I’m fine with it; really, it’s like being at a perpetual high school sleep over (tho Beckham wasn’t popular then). My club starts next Thursday and the crew of youth is really sharp.

Adjusting to my host family has taken a bit of…patience, humor, and awkward conversations. They click their tongs/give the death look because I: use toilet-paper, drink cold water, wash every other day, don’t eat a lot/meat/chocolate (boi, take note, I’m not a fan, eh?), brush my teeth multiple times a day, read, text, laugh, wake up before 8 am, love fall weather and don’t act like an Azri woman. It awkward when normal things are examined analyzed and questioned. By laughing at myself, I’ve taught them to smile, and not grumble at odd things, so peace reigns for the most part. By being unfathomably generous with their home, my family has taught me thankfulness (yes, in just a few short weeks) I’m gradually teaching them to see Matt as safe (he is the first American male volunteer in ISM) while they teach me that doing nothing is sometimes necessary. Admittedly its tough to find middle ground, being stubborn, strong willed and having a blunt personality are traits/personal aspects I need to subdue. J I watch the soaps with my Ana every night for an hour (while I read) The soaps shown on Azri TV are truly pure comedy gold. They are German/Spanish/Russian soaps dubbed over in Azri; think 80’s sitcom with worse acting/hair/clothing/stories.

Fellow ninjas will be shocked to know, I’m home by 8pm every night. Please, go climb a crane at 2am, and sit on the edge in my honor, then take a wicked picture and send the tasty snap my way!!

Rachel and I are officially the Guesting Queens in the style of Vince and Luke from Wedding Crashers. We even had a script; Rachel says the formal things and I make them laugh. We hit 3 homes as guests on Tuesday. It was glorious and awful all at once. We started at my girlfriends house at 1pm; 2 meals, 1 FEAST (4 courses that included: chy, nuts/fruit/nar/3 kinds of bread/pilaf/fresh veggies/pickle salad/sweet hot cereal/compote/dates/chocolate/honey/broiled chicken/grilled veggies) and gallons of chy later at 10pm we finished. Ariz are amazing people, friendly and welcoming to strangers (and BTW, us Americans, we are strangers, yea, we stick out something awful) and by eating loads of food and drinking enormous quantities of chy we show that we are accepting of their welcome. In America, we (including myself) are never so initially welcoming to strangers. Both Rachel and I got sick. I didn’t even eat anything wild (tho Rachel did eat the mystery meat), and pretty much stayed with veggies/fruit/bread; but for crying out loud, my body was not happy after 7 hours of eating. You have not been sick until you are a foreigner trying to adjust to local food. Just to gross you all out, there is nothing as helplessly pathetic as trying/needing/wanting to puke and not being able to!? (icky, ICKY!) We met truly great people and were overwhelmed by how gracious/generous everyone was. However, we have decided that since momentarily we are such hawt commodities (and everyone wants to meet us as much as we want to meet them) that we shall have to limit ourselves to 1 guesting a week. Not only does this allow me time for other activities (such as harassing Matt, talking with my girls and, reading in the HA park), it also stretches our guesting joy over several weeks (months). The only down side of guesting is that I’m not particularly happy with the thought of turning into a whale when the woman already call me fat. *shrug* and *ahem* mother, I’m still waiting for my running gear.


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