Summary of many days ruuuuuun on!

October 7, 2007

(can you keep up?) Most days:
I wake up, listen to Mr. Burns (my small dog sized rat, that I am unable to kill because my family hates cats and their Chickens are the special Cat/Other Bird/Dog/Small Human/American Woman killing kind and apparently if these types of chickens eat a cat then they don’t lay eggs properly and since there are no dogs/other birds in sight it means they have been killed and any small humans of the toddler type that enter the yard are escorted by an adult so the continually pooping chickens are prevented from having an egg wrecking meal and yes, I have defended myself against these foul and received battle scars in the form of unbelievably huge piles of chicken squirt strategically placed on top of/next to/inside my shoes, in return, I kick foul with wicked aim.) retreat to his nest for a nap, fight the chubs monster with 45 min of yoga (until I receive my running clothes{please, find kindness in your black little hearts and, send me some flippin running gear}), drink a lighting bolt amount of instant coffee (Nescafe) while reading one of the 6 books I started (Sedaris, Krakauer, Safran Foer etc…), still groggy, dodge piles of chicken diarrhea while stumbling towards the Hammon to kill waterbugs/spiders/crawly black things before I maybe do the shower/bath/scrub; dress in church style clothes that include khakis/skirts/sweaters (would truly, seriously, give a lot to have all my skull shirts and my red faux vinyl dress here); spend 15-20 min explaining (with dictionary aide) my day plan to the family, avoid the crazed drivers/geese/cows on my 5 min walk to the library, spend several hours talking to the various youth that visit the library/begging the dial up to work; type grant proposals/lesson plans/idea lists; spend an hour talking with a girl in English about businesses/culture/fashion; take an hour nap; after clearing the post nap cobwebs I go observe an English class, introduce myself by answering questions (I’m 25, like futbol and studied photography. Yes, Minnesota is colder than ISM, and I actually like snow. No, I am not English, but American. No I’m not married yet…), if its lucky Thursday, I will go back to the library and spend an unspecified amount of time with 14 wonderful/amazing/insightful youth; we talk about music/movies/books/cars/sports/politics/weird culture/life in the U S of A; finish the invigorating conversations, walk to the HA Park; the whole way trying to NOT look people in the eye (esp. men),dodge cow pies/rubbish heaps but inevitably step/trip into something nasssty b/c I’m contemplating the profound things the youth shared, awkwardly (as if I could do it any other way) wipe my shoes off in the real grass of HA Park as I select a bench in the shade, open a book I didn’t read over AM coffee and retreat into literature; trying to not think that tho I almost never eat lunch and only veggies for supper, I seem to be getting larger, a weird quirk of the AZ that makes me wish I could teleport myself back to a fall MN dusk just to run the trail along the river so I could pass Triple Helix Outfall, Lucky 13, Satan’s Cave (while making plans to explore) because while running my head is clear/not dyslexic so when the run is finished I’m somehow back in the AZ and can focus knowing that I want to be here; that in spite of thinking/feeling like an incompetent dork, the youth opened up to me (even if it was just a small bit) and that small bit makes dodging cow pies/killer chickens nothing b/c truly there is nowhere else I’m supposed to be and nowhere else I’m needed but in the ‘baijan; while somehow I’m still reading my book (about a boy who is searching) when finally I’m home but never sleep until 1AM b/c as was noted my brain runs the same speed as a Japanese Bullet Train plus I’m hurling text insults to someone who calls me ‘shithead’ for my stubborn fearless Irish ability to argue while not backing down; when about the same time I force my thoughts into a quiet murmur, Mr. Burns (who has been silent most of the day) chooses tonight to have a Rat Polka/Swing/ Hop dance on my roof/walls/closet/floor so I simply turn up my iPod on chill Remy Zero (yes, yes, I did just admit that) and sleep, glorious, color rich sleep.


3 Responses to “Summary of many days ruuuuuun on!”

  1. Kate said


    I’d love to see a “a Rat Polka/Swing/ Hop dance” sometime; do take a photo of dear Mr. Burns!

  2. siologen said

    That entry made my head spin. Congratulations! 😀

  3. Robbie Mac said

    that was truly entertaining

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