Tasty Bits

October 7, 2007

Short bites of newsy news:

Elton John was in Baku
I’m engaged.
I have a deadly wicked allergy to meat. (Yes, that includes Chicken, which for some reason is not considered ‘meat’ by many people.)
We caught an important person with their paints down, literally.
Tina Turner, Celien Deon and Boy Bands are still HUGELY popular here (that includes their music videos that I’m sometimes lucky enough to watch over AM instant coffee.)
People in ISM only bathe 3 times a week.
Rain is wonderful (especially when you haven’t experienced it since last June when there was a down pour in MPLS for 3 days straight and I purposely went for a gloriously muddy run)
I received my box of winter clothes which most importantly included my Burton Vest.
We are spending Thanksgiving in Baku.
A 3 min. call to Mom-in-MN was 432 kontures.
A 45 min call to Shawn-in-Guba was only about 100 more. (?????)
Goychy has a Pomegranate Festival.
The schools have uniforms
It’s awful but we rate how well-off someone is by their bathroom (squat vs. western toilet; dirt vs. tile)
We do inappropriate things without knowing it (like reading in the park, oops, cringe!)
Best part of waking up is seeing the mountain peaks covered in clouds.
When Robbie sends text, they show up at wonky times in my message queue. (This is fascinating if you are bored, as I was on Thursday, which resulted in sending text to Robbie and the above mentioned revelation)
Shockingly enough my Azri is improving, slowly.
Only married women clean/pluck/trim their eyebrows; a teacher cleaned/plucked/trimmed mine for me. (The brows were annoying Matty anyway, he now knows I have eyes and thinks they look pretty damm HATW now they he can actually see them!) J
My U S of A family will be visiting me. *happy jump of happiness*
Alyssia, (hardcore climber, runner, rower, and everything else) sent me homebaked Chocolate Chip cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I opened them up in the Poct and felt prickles in my eyes (almost cried).
I have to SEND an email an average of 5 times before it actually sends, that means prolly everyone who reads this has had an email sent to them that they never received. (you follow?)
*Ahem* Mr. Ds, I am still waiting for my box of SewerFresh from London Town, please don’t bother to include any Yeasty Nutz, just maybe a few snaps, savvy?

Getting heaps of crap for this one. What’s that you say? QUICK, describe yourself in three words! So, here they are, with permission, the Americans of AZ (and a few others) that are my friends, in their own words. (awwww how cute!)

D Moe: Awesome beyond words
Jody: Hippy Dance Party (but be aware I’m on cold medicine)
Nate: Easy-going, Funny, Dangerous. (Feel free to edit as you see fit)
Sally: Laughs a lot
Rachel W: Prettier then Matt
Janey: Obnoxiously Positive, a bit ridiculous and really just all around fabulous!
Jenn C: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
Rae: Impulsive. Competitive. Compassionate.
Ve Moe: Silly. Strange. And you pick the last one.
Tommy: Very nice and naughty
Shawn: Strong. Silent. Stoic. (If your friends know you like me you can also use: ‘I’m with stupid’.)
Kyle: Googly Drunk Kid.
Katie P: Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
Jill: Unique, crazy, open-minded. (Azris only Redhead)
Donny: Adventuresome, Independent, Happy.
Matty: Idealistic. Hedonistic. Forgiving. (The most honest I’ve ever been, must be you?)
Charlie: Big Red Afro (Would you be needing a pic to accompany my words?)
Robbie: Japanese Mohawk NinjaGuy
Will: Chill. Listener. Creative.
Siolo: A bit glaiket. Kinda unco and somewhat hardcore.
Joe V: Incorrigible, dazed, vagabond.
Tor: Witty. Outgoing. Passionate. And loads of other things.
Erin G: Ridiculously cool. Booyah.

2 Responses to “Tasty Bits”

  1. Mike said

    Nice to see you’re keeping busy. 🙂 If you’ve tried to send me an email, I haven’t received any. If you haven’t… send me your address, so I can send you strange and scandalous “stuff”. 🙂

    What’s a “konture”? Is it a tenth of a Gopik? Oh, and who are you engaged to, this week? 🙂

  2. mcmacdonald said

    A konture is the unit we use on our mobles..they are pay as you go… and really cost alot…pisser b/c its the only way to communicate as net is slower than my brain without caffeene

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