couldn’t resist…

October 17, 2007

…the notification in an old email account that said I had a message waiting for me on UER.

so I spent 20 min. logging in to find a note from the dirty TubroZ of Scotland.

‘Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness’ is having another screening in Leeds. TurboZ and the crew will be on hand to answer questions and do their best to shock, amaze and generally WOW the common folk who dont find sewers, drains, and moldy abandoned buildings beautiful.

was almost a year ago when we had the screening in MPLS at the new Walker, I remember one googly eyed woman asking me: “So you’ve actually WALKED in sewers?!?!”   The googly look increased when I told her: “Yes, and they were beautiful brick arch tunnels.”


7 Responses to “couldn’t resist…”

  1. Mike said

    You know, if the Azeris believe that sitting on the ground will shrivel yer ovaries… I wonder what horrible fate they believe falls a nice girl who hangs out in sewers? Your heart, lungs, kidney, and spleen shrivel up, maybe?

    You maybe shouldn’t mention the sewer thing over there, or only mention it like VD – “I’ve got a friend who…”

  2. Robbie Mac said

    hey colleen! ok so i was checking out your blog and stuff. anyway sorry i haven’t written in a while, youknow how it is with school and work. so what i’m wondering is what dvd’s do you want? give me some movie titles, and i’ll burn some copies and send them to you. anything else you want?

    can you reply on face book? if not send me an email

  3. mcmacdonald said

    anything i do is strange. LOL. tho, except for this blog, i’ve kept my dark underground hobbies on the hush. 😉 i cant wait until someone sends me a box of sandstone…try explaning that…

  4. Mike said

    Well, in order for us to send you a box of sandstone, magazines, tampons, toilet paper, food, or anything other nostalgic reminders of the western world, we’d have to have an address to send it to. I’m not sure “Colleen the Clumsy American PCV, Azerbaijan” is a working address… though I suppose it’s worth a try. 🙂

  5. mcmacdonald said

    err i forgot your email address… YEA i want sandstone.

  6. mcmacdonald said

    speaking of blogs. KT when can I see your pictures from the ghost towns??

  7. Kate said

    Well… you can’t view my Xanga, so that’s a problem. I can try to email some to you, but I’ll make sure to at least send you a couple when we send the package.

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