…from the sandy beaches of MN…

November 14, 2007

there was much rejoicing when i received a letter with black & white pictures AND  sand from the only beach worth going to in MN.

This sets the bar ninjas. What can you send me from |Aussie land Siolo? and from London town DS? and from the frozen Midwest Brian? -that tops THE BEACH?! 


11 Responses to “…from the sandy beaches of MN…”

  1. Mike said

    Well, I guess your address worked, lol. 🙂

  2. Kate said

    Ha! You sent her sand from the bonfire beach?

  3. Mike said

    No, even better… sand from “bear wait beach”, near the “plaque”, in Le Seur. 🙂

  4. kayorsonsweaver said

    I could send you dust from a massive asbestos factory…

  5. mcmacdonald said

    Kay babe you finally got your lazy arse in gear and joined up.
    i would cry if you sent me asbestos, tears of joy!!! *i’ll give you my addy in an email*

  6. siologen said

    Um, a jar full of drainwater?

  7. Kate said

    Oh… I get it now. Nice explanation, Mike. 🙂

  8. mcmacdonald said

    drain water with a few turds would make me very happy, spesh from aussie land

  9. Kate said

    Honestly, that’s disgusting. I don’t think you really miss MN that much, do you?!??

  10. mcmacdonald said

    LOL. i have enough nastyness here to last a life time! i am strange. MUST THINK BEFORE I POST COMMENTS!!

  11. kayorsonsweaver said

    Actually I’ve got a better idea, seeing as asbestos is hazardous and all and could seriously harm some hapless postal worker – they have guns.

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