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January 7, 2008

If my Japanese Bullet Train Mind is any indication of my general state of being, then it’s not hard to understand that I have almost no down time.  I’m back at site, after 2 weeks of being lazy, back to random cows chasing me, rats the size of dogs and and the wonderful mountian view.

I’m still somewhat of a ‘freak show’ to my kids, which has worked to my advantage (and disadvantage, sometimes they will just pause mid sentence and ask if the industrial piercing hurt-actually, last weekend, I sat next to a girl on the Marsurka, her mouth dropped open and her eyes grew 2 times normal size when she saw the bar in my ear, she didn’t stop staring for a full solid 10 min. amazed expression in place, needless to say I was a bit uncomfortable and tried to smile, but given her reaction to my jewelry, it prolly seemed like more of a growl) if for no other reason than sheer curiosity, they are willing to talk and hang out with me.

My youth group is 7 girls and 7 boys, ages 14-17.  The initial premise was to have an English Conversation Club, but in the past few months that idea has gotten changed a bit.  After realizing that I’m a wretched teacher (when faced with 14 students staring at you who know almost NO English and being expected to perform astounding feats of teaching, I crumple inside, there is a very specific reason I didn’t become an English teacher OR join the TEFEL program) and get painfully nervous in front of a group, I switched up the structure.  We spent a few weeks deciding a topic to discuss, it turned out to be cars and I did a happy dance inside b/c talking cars is something I don’t mind, especially since we focused on sports cars and after having each kid stand up and talk about their dream car I was able to show a rad snap of 3 kicking ninjas (Me, Ben and Siolo) posed on my pimp white Buick Classic.  After showing that picture, I became an immediately celebrity with the boys, not only b/c I had a car, but also, we just looked so damm gangsta on my hood they were convinced that I was a cool person.  Of course, I also vocalized the benefits of old Mustangs and one boy was daring enough to announce to the class the amazing qualities of the BMW hummer he wanted to buy.  This sparked a long discussion (with the kids and I using a mix or Azeri/English) about which car was the BEST and it came down to a tie between Lamborghinis and Porsche’s. 

My other current projects are complicated and detailed, being unnecessary to drone on about the intricacies of grant writing and event planning etc.  here they are summarized, and cleaned up nicely for your reading consumption:

Writing a grant to fund youth room in the ISM library

(on ISM currently there are no places besides soccer fields for youth of both genders to socialize)

Assisting with planning GLOW (a week long girls leadership camp)

Planning with my girls monthly events involving cooking and an easy craft/game (the first month we made chocolate chip cookies, the next month we made pizza and played Uno.)

IREX Reading Committee (Review, score, and recommendation of  GlobalUGRAD study abroad applicants)

Mentoring young women 2-3 times a week (showing them how to build CV’s and job search via Google)

Teaching a basic computers skills class (next week we have our first class, I’m a bit nervous, honestly!)

Caucuses Writing Competition (Matt, Rachel and I will be proctoring questions to our youth groups. It’s an essay competition between the youth of AZ, GA and ARE)

Working with my CP to start a craft night for women.

And…still waiting…hoping that I can start the photo project with my youth group…


4 Responses to “the work stuff”

  1. Brian said

    I vote for the Porsche, even though I’ve already wrecked one. It was a mid-80’s 944, and it was a low-speed icy highway kind of thing, but hey. Still a Porsche wreck.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    ah ha ha, i remember you told me about that.
    dammm driving in MN in the winter.

  3. Kate said

    Wow, that is a lot going on! Didn’t you say you got that first grant and you’re working on a second one?

  4. mcmacdonald said

    hummm, we submitted the photo grant, but we havent heard if it was approved yet. if its not then we will more then likely write another one along the same lines.
    currently, im all sorts of busy/overwelmed with the one i’m writing now. *cries for real coffee*

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