What! thinking of Detroit?!

January 7, 2008

So Detroit was on my mind as I bumped into Baku for holiday.  The skyscrapers of Detroit made me silly with happiness when I saw them for the first time, rolling into a frozen Motor City after months of research, within my grasp were literally blocks of abandonments and 100’s of years of history for me to photograph.  Sometime, I may try and write an entire blog entry about my Detroit trips, I was never able to write about them in my last blog, there was too much to process;  MCS, the perfect sunrise, Packard Plant, two car accidents, the murder scene and Dev… It makes for a good story that’s almost unbelievable.  Somtime…  So Detroit was on my mind when I rolled into Baku for holiday.  The cranes and construction sites are to me a play ground of endless danger and kickin photos.  Just like Detroit skyscrapers made me feel giddy, seeing a vast display of challenges and buildings gave me the smallest jolt of adrenalin and reminded me that there are vast possibilities and exciting opportunities everywhere… I know that in the end like Frodo, (yes that was a LOTR reference) my story from this season of adventures will take time to process and write and that in retrospect it may seem unbelievable as well…

(p.s. I had almost forgotten, when Freak reminded me (via facebook) that in one night I had wrecked two cars…at the time I thought that we were gonna die…it took almost 6 months before I’d drive next to a semi…wonderful how new memories push the bad ones back!)


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