october in retro

January 12, 2008

 (short and sweet)


After narrowly escaping the doom of wearing a leopard print sequined turtle neck dress to two weddings, I breathed a sigh of relief…this Zen feeling lasted only a minute and then I was called up in front of 150 people, and commanded to ‘DANCE!! DANCE!! DANCE AMERICAN FOR US!!’ The strobes were running, the P-Diddy Remix was booming.  I grabbed the nearest girl (who was 10years old) and attempted my best ‘American Dance’. (Who knew there was an ‘American Dance’??) Picture a dizzy, spazing, floral print Monkey.  I am now infamous. People I’ve never even meet before will come up to me on the street and say “I saw you dancing on the Toy Video. You are good!”

 Adding that one to my CV: Can dance ‘American’ at Weddings

  There was also the Taxi ride from hell that found me in a tiny Russian Village at night in the rain and no mobile phone.  That’s one of those adventures I’d rather not repeat.  It was the start to a zombie movie… 

Spent approximately 30 min. being chastised by 5 librarians because they found out I bathed mostly everyday.  It’s not normal.

Discovered that chocolate bars come wrapped in images of skanky women.  One of the bad life choices I made in Oct. was trying said chocolate…Rinkers Revenge was full force.(that’s for the MPLS crew!)

6 Responses to “october in retro”

  1. Mike said

    Are there pictures of you in this leopard-print sequined dress?

    Oh, and do they already know the Hokey Pokey in Azerbaijan?

  2. Brian said

    chocolate bars + scantily clad women = happiness*

    *except when they make you ill

    How did you end up in a zombie movie taxi ride? Sounds scary.

  3. mcmacdonald said

    since i escaped there are no pictures of me in the dress.
    tho i did get my hair poofed up like Marge Simpson…and there is no picture of that either…my digital cam broke…
    Yes, thanks to me, the Hokey Pokey Landed in the AZ last July 🙂

  4. mcmacdonald said

    crazy scary things have a way of finding me…tho here any taxi ride is a combo of Mad Max and GTA…

  5. Kate said

    Does Toy mean wedding in Azerbaijaianian or something?

  6. mcmacdonald said

    yes Toy is wedding. sorry i forgot to mention that.

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