…this entire issue is fascinating to me…

February 20, 2008

…becasue I agree that sex, gender and relationships need to be discussed more openly…

however…I’m curious to see if she/he truly has a well thought out opinion…I wonder how long she can ride on her shock value? By saying that: ‘If you were to ask me, I would say that marriage is unnatural and causes most of the problems in married people’s lives..”  I wonder if she/he is truly trying to start dialogue or just wants a pulpit for her opinion and bitterness towards the establishment?….and when you think about it, isn’t that what most talk shows are anyway?



6 Responses to “…this entire issue is fascinating to me…”

  1. mark t said

    I believe her quote on marriage has some basis. But it really has nothing to do with marriage itself, it has to do with the people that get married. And I am not quite sure why I refer to her as a her, I guess cause the NYT did it as well. To me a man who is convinced he is a female is still a male. I don’t know that much about the issue but it baffles me a bit…but not enough to research it. Hope all is going well for you in karahiziakipolstan or whatever. haha.

  2. mark t said

    PS, and maybe marriage is unnatural. But it seems as if couples have been getting “married,” (or something similar, whatever you want to call it) in every culture for as long as we can tell. I personally don’t like the “this is nat/unnat argument very much because if you look at history it seems perfectly reasonable to say that it is natural to kill people you don’t like. We often times say something is natural to justify it, or unnatural to condemn it, however, there are instances where I disagree with both. I am guessing he/she has been told a zillion times that being a transsexual is unnatural so why he chose to use this as an argument against marriage leads me to suggest that either he is not thinking very far ahead or he is doing it for shock value. Anyway, enough comments. I don’t believe it is natural for people to leave comments that are longer than the blog post itself…let alone two.

  3. mcmacdonald said

    mark, YOUR ALIVE!! :-p
    you made some very good points, i agree with you(and i pity the person who ever argues with you!!) and thats why i had to highlight the article, its sad that someone seemingly has to ride off shock value…when there are many well thought out view points/agruements/opinions on gender/marriage/sex that could be presented in a less abrasive way.
    but then again i havent seen the show and I dont know what other media i’d suggest….

  4. Brian said

    Mark is right, the “problems” of marriage have more to do with the individuals involved than with the idea of marriage or the institution as a whole. I think a lot of problems in bad marriages can be traced back to the pressure to marry, which in some cultures including ours, can be a bit extreme.

    Pressure to marry can lead to poor decisions, like marrying because its what everyone does or because the family says you have to, and not for reasons like love or the genuine desire to raise a family.

    But more importantly, the fact of the matter is, people are pack animals. We need each other in order to survive. This will always be so, and has been so for as long as we have existed on this great big chunk of space debris we call planet Earth. And we’re not the only organisms in this category, not by a long shot.

    Therefore, to say marriage, or the idea of taking a wife or husband is “unnatural” is a contradictory statement in itself, and one can’t help but question “her” motives given the fact that “her” TV show is in the midst of a hefty marketing campaign. Gotta sell that ad space, right? The more viewers, the better?

    Never ignore the money.

    Marriage is no more “unnatural” than having a penis and trying to make the world believe you are a woman. I agree with Mark, a man who thinks he is a woman is, in my mind, still a man (even if he mutilates his genitalia in an effort to make himself look feminine).

    “She” does have a point about the shift in Indian culture before and after British occupation, however, and this is a cultural / historical issue deserving of its own separate debate. I’m not exactly qualified to take that any further.

    So I guess there’s a little more than $0.02 there. Oh well. Keep the change.

  5. mcmacdonald said

    yea, i’ll take any change i can get:-p and i think that attitudes towards sex/relationships/gender issues should change with time, but HOW that discussion/change should be facilitated…i dont know. so while i like the idea of a show attempting to address those issues, i worry that simply b/c of the shock value/nature of talk shows/money it may do more harm than good.

  6. Brian said

    A valid point.

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