more Lewis

April 14, 2008

You cannot study pleasure in the moment of the nuptial embrace,
nor repentance while repenting,
nor analyze the nature of humour while roaring with laughter.


4 Responses to “more Lewis”

  1. Todd (GK) said

    “The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom.” William Blake

    “The pleasure of satisfying a savage instinct, undomesticated by the ego, is uncomparably much more intense than the one of satisfying a tamed instinct. The reason is becoming the enemy that prevents us from a lot of possibilities of pleasure.” Sigmund Freud

    “If you believe in the light, it’s because of obscurity, if you believe in happiness it’s because of unhappiness, if you believe in God then you have to believe in the Devil.” Father X, Exorcist, Church of Notre Dame, Paris

    Hey Flame!! 😉

  2. mcmacdonald said

    hey GK
    i didnt even know that you had my blog addy?
    niiiice, read, enjoy, laugh,
    so i hear that Charity and You are getting married

  3. Todd (GK) said

    I got it from K8. Its been fun reading about the adventures you have been having!

    Yep Charity & I are getting hitched on Sept 20th and of course you are invited if you happen to be back in the states around then. Otherwise Im taking her to England, France, and possibly Holland for three weeks for the honeymoon and we would love to meet up with anyone in that area for some exploring or hanging out while we are there.

  4. mcmacdonald said

    what a honeymoon! i dont know if i’ll be back to the states by then, but i do appreciate the invite, hummm, i’ll have to send out your wedding card in the next few weeks to make sure you guys get it in time 🙂

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