recently: running etc.

May 6, 2008

When in comes to running in the ‘Baijan, nothing is easy.  Running through the ghetto in MPLS (which is what I usually did) pales in comparison.  If states side running is a nice drive through the country, then AZ running is the Indy500 thrown into a war zone.  I have mentioned in the past the amount of obstacles encountered, including but not limited to the following: cows appearing out of nowhere, pot holes the size of kiddy swimming pools, piles of rubbish, piles of poo, random concrete blocks, smashed rats, smashed dogs, angry geese, lack of street lights, cars driving down the wrong side of the road, and crazy bus drivers.  Until just last week, I had lived a semi charmed running life, in that I had not been attacked by dogs and have only been followed once by some guys in a white car who thought it was fascinating to watch me run. (Personally I disagree with this opinion, but oh well).  Then, straight on the heels of being target practice for 10year olds, I was running to some very angry Atmosphere (the volume up very loud-this serves the purpose that if some early morning people want to yell at me I cant hear it and my run is more enjoyable), it wasn’t until the song ended that I realized that I was being chased by a very angry dog who was uncomfortably close to my backside.  I have never been chased by dogs before, (Though there was that one time when dogs were looking for me..but that’s not a story for this blog) and strangely enough am not really scared of them-this could be due to the fact that I grew up with dogs and owned a big German shepherd for 10 years-anyway, I was being chased by a dog and I was alone and that was not my idea of a good time.  I was still mad at being shot and decided to take on the dog, I wheeled around, and charged at the 4 legged beast yelling some magnificent cuss words and waving my arms (there is a trend here that I’m not sure is so good or proper, but this seems to be my preferred method for dealing with annoyingly bad situations, such as ROUS’s and 10yr old boys with BBguns, etc.)  It worked, the dog, not expecting an angry 2 legged beast, was momentarily shocked into 3 seconds of frozen muteness and then tucked his tail between his legs and ran (very very quickly) whimpering all the way down the street, hanging his head. I have since run through that same area, and the dog is most obviously not present.

Let it be known:

Azeri Dogs: 0

PCV running at 6am: 1


7 Responses to “recently: running etc.”

  1. siologen said

    hmm, i reckon youd be fascinating to watch while running.

    i once had a dog chase me down a hill while i was on a skateboard. I was going full pelt and it only caught me cos it was a Greyhound. It bit me on the ankle n i ended up having to get a tetanus injection.

  2. Mike said

    In reasonably civilized first-world countries, they have pepper spray for problems like that. In backwards third-world dictatorships, they have Moisin-Nagants. Around $20 at any good black market, but they weigh around 9 lbs – 8 if you remove the bayonet. Good upper-body workout, I imagine, running with one of them…

    First Azeri: What in the name of all that is holy is that?

    Second Azeri: Wow, the Peace Corps is tougher than I thought; apparently that harlot is being punished by being forced to quick-time it around the village with a rifle…

  3. mark t said

    One of the guys I do martial arts with has the custom plates “AZERI” on his very nice car. When I saw it, I thought of you. That’s all.


  4. Brian said

    I can say first-hand that the Mosin-Nagants will put a stop to just about anything that walks on four legs. I’d FedEx you mine if it were legal.

    Good show with the chasing dog. If only people could be dealt with in the same manner…

  5. ds said

    You weren’t that scary last I saw you, sounds like Az has changed you a lot. I’ll still race ya.

  6. mcmacdonald said

    …and you’ll lose!

  7. mcmacdonald said

    i thought of 24 grocery stores and waking up at 3am when the frat boys were attacking our house…and I thought of you!!

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