October 22, 2008

..its official, I’m no longer homeless, after almost 2 months of living out of my backpack,splitting time between Baku, Ucar and various houses,I have a flat,for now, with furniture, a few dishes, 2 beds, a fridge, a roach family in the kitchen, a spider family in the shower (they think its funny to drop on me while I’m showering )running water (for a few hours a day)  and a cat who lives in the shoe holder outside my door and doesn’t eat cheese (tried to feed him with the only non fruit item in my fridge) loads better than the completely empty flat I almost moved into (which was about as nice as a moldy abandoned shower stall in a low budget motel), and in a very funny Dickens type moment, a neighbor girl showed up at my door offering to cook/clean/keep me company since my neighbors (both in the apt block and in the houses near by) are not convinced I:

a: know how to cook

b: or how to clean and

c: are languishing miserabely in a state of loneliness after less then 6 hours in the flat.

After 10 min and catching sight of a RollingStones cover (with kidd rock and bikini clad women) and gasmask on my couch, the kind girl made her exit, (thinking lord knows what) to report back to the rest, of the strange “Ingllish Qiz” who not only likes being alone but also likes to clean, cook, run in the morning and yes the rumor is true, she DOES have a fiancee.

in the works is the ‘win over neighbors with chocolate goodness in the form of cake’ plan which will be executed with such stunning perfection that soon the entire apt block will generally be convinced ‘English Girl’ is OK…Inshallah.


2 Responses to “smiling”

  1. Kate said

    Ooo, nice idea on the cake plan! 🙂

  2. mcmacdonald said

    for now it ended up turning into apple crisp and a halloween party with all the neighbors and 6 girls over.
    2 weeks into this place and ive already had 3 parties! 🙂

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