in contrast

October 28, 2008

dont read/speak a bit of russian even tho ive tried,

erased flash drive with entire rundown of kiev-moscow since i was using a computer that was only in russian

at this point, i dont give a flying fuck, its gone, *shrug*  dont have time/desire/need for 2nd attempt at writing.

dumb/silly/odd stories from the ‘Baijan will resume.


5 Responses to “in contrast”

  1. Mike said

    If you still have that little flash drive I gave you way back when, there are a couple of data recovery programs on there, for just this sort of eventuality. 🙂

    If that’s the drive that got erased, all I can say is “Doh!”…

  2. mcmacdonald said

    it was a different flash drive. 😦
    and *ahem* the date recovery programs are currently on my laptop, which is proper fucked as well.
    ha ha

    you’ll be glad to hear the Fed is getting her workout now after i nearly killed her in Kiev

  3. Mike said

    Hey, I tried. 🙂

  4. mcmacdonald said

    flash drives have now been added to the list of items that are doomed when im around

  5. Kate said

    Add me to that list, too.

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