November 6, 2008

So far, so good.

Given my ability to wreck/break things (flash drives, camera equipment, relationships, small animals, laptops, etc) the future looks promising when, the kitten I rescued yesterday is, as of this morning, not dead and in fact very much alive and using my leg as a scratching post.

Considering that the last 2 kittens I tried to rescue died after 3 days and ended up in a shoe box on the rubbish heap, (there were lots of tears involved)  my expectations are rather low on the lifespan of this new kitten.  However, several things, such as new kittens ability to walk, see and eat, (things which the previously semi-rescued kittens lacked) make it seem that maybe, just maybe, it could live long enough to take on the ROUS’s of my Soviet Block Manzill.

Suggestions on names would be appreciated, apparently in-between nassssty sickness, stress, and smashing roaches, the creative ability to find names for tiny flea ridden mangy kittens is missing from my skillz list.


8 Responses to “names?”

  1. Mike said

    Chud, is always good. Or Pinky. Or Brain. I don’t know any Azeri, but you could call him/her/it Kokel, Mir, Pobeda, Raketa, or Iskra (milkshake, peace, victory, rocket, and spark, respectively).

    Or you could hug it and squeeze it and love it and call it George…

  2. Kate said


  3. mcmacdonald said

    all good ideas.
    im giving boi kitten a week of solid living before the name…just to make sure

  4. Brian said

    How about “Rawr” or “Roflcopter?”

  5. mcmacdonald said

    B: 9 time zones away you still make me laugh.

    mike: i have this wretched song stuck in my head now..’my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…’ or what ever the hell it was. ha ha 🙂

    kt: hamlet!?

  6. mcmacdonald said

    jesse suggested hope, which seemed good since we had doubts if kitten was a boy/girl.

    but then kitten dunked its head in a bowel of sour cream…as a result of us trying to wash it out, he now has a kitten-faux-hawk, which clearly suggests a punk/rock/hard core name.

  7. steve s said

    Does this kitty make you laugh? You could name it lolkat!

    (I should not be on the internets at quarter to three in the morning, should I?)

  8. mcmacdonald said

    steve, yes this kitty does make me laugh, and being on the interwebs at 3 am is a good life choice, esp if reading AZ Blogs.
    NY’s Eve will never be the same…:p

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