November 11, 2008

…1o months to COS..

any takers on planning a year long wander before the necessity of a job kicks in? πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Exactly…”

  1. Kate said

    What is COS?

    Do you really plan to wander for a YEAR before returning to MN??

  2. Mike said

    COS = “Close of Service”, i.e. the date when mcmcdonald’s services are no longer required by the PC.

    Like every other government-run organization throughout history, the PC has developed an intentionally impenetrable array of abbreviations and other bits of jargon; like in most such organizations, this is carefully calculated to generate a sense of exclusive (rather than inclusive) comraderie and esprit d’corps, and to bond everyone together.

    It’s undoubtedly effective, but it makes use of some fairly dirty psychological tricks, and (intentionally) fosters a potentially dangerous “us vs. them” mentality which can be – and frequently is – dehumanizing.

    That, I need hardly point out, is not how the PC sees the matter. πŸ™‚

  3. Brian said

    *raises hand*

  4. mcmacdonald said

    and all along i thougt it was just an easy way to remember things..WTF? ROFL!
    yea, tis close of service and it was a typo since i meant to write close of service but then published before i caught it.
    yes, a year or longer if possible or until i accept one of those jobs.
    really i havent a clue.
    many of my adopted azeri mothers seem to think returning home ASAP and making babaies is the best life choice.
    tend to disagree w/ that plan.

  5. Marissa said

    I would agree, making babies ASAP is not the best life plan… you have plenty of time!

    I would be a taker on wandering… maybe not a whole year though, but I’d tag along for part of it!

    • mcmacdonald said

      πŸ™‚ i just got your email…you could always travel here…none of my friends have visited yet…but beaches…cant remember the last time i swam…dont really count the times i face planted in drains as swimming πŸ™‚

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