Cultural Exchange…

November 14, 2008

…As called by Mariko:

        When the lightbulb died in my hamam, I was too cold/tired/sick to deal with a visit into the bazaar to purchase a replacement.  Had to wash my clothes one afternoon (in a stubborn attempt to pretend I wasn’t sick) with the headlamp on…then hung the clothes on the line outside my window, scandalous unmentionables (aka anything less than a granny panty) included.  Thoughtlessly I waved to my neighbor, who was observing me with what I thought was a friendly smile, until I realized that in a combination of sheer un-surpassed stupidity and a bit of sickness, I had waved with an undergarment, while the headlamp, on “Blinding Light From God Mode’ was perched front and center on my forehead.  Yea, that’s how we wash our underoos in Americastan


3 Responses to “Cultural Exchange…”

  1. Brian said

    Hilarious! I’m sure they’ve had worse neighbors than you… or not?

  2. Mike said

    lol @ “blinding light from god mode”!

    I got to hand it to you, nobody else I know can generate an international incident out of doing laundry…

  3. mcmacdonald said

    B: well…read next post, seems i have compitition for the “making a complete fool of youself in front of large groups of people” award…:D

    m: laundry is kinda a big deal here 🙂

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