Once in a Lifetime.

November 21, 2008

         In a gallant effort to win over my neighbors, I threw a Halloween party at my new flat, complete with spider/skull/ghost/bat decorations, apple crisp, candy and mask making.  About an hour into the festivities there was a knock at the door; there stood Unknown Xanim, who along with announcing she had arrived for the express purpose of checking out me and the apartment, also blew a cloud of vodka heavy breath into my face.  Not wasting time on ceremony she pushed past me into the flat and plunked herself down in the middle of my living room, grabbing a tea cup and mumbling garbled greetings to the group of 16yr old girls.  For the next 30 odd min or so Random Xanim talked to no one in particular about various things that none of us could really understand but may have involved something about a daughter and a near by village (??) Eventually Unknown Xanim decided it was time to leave and promptly headed in the wrong direction towards my bedroom, we corralled her the best we could, pointed her in the direction of the door; and to many vodka laced kisses and yelled pleasantries, she swerved several times around the various piles of rubbish strewn about my stairwell (showcasing an incredible grasp of elite ninja moves) and made it down the steps without harm and in one piece.


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