November 28, 2008

2 beds, yes, lovely since I'd been sleeping on my camping pad since...July

2 beds, yes, lovely since I

…I’d been sleeping on my camping pad since July when my bed/bedding suddenly grew legs and ran off to join the azeri linen circus…

Cuddling hotwater bottles.

Cuddling hotwater bottles.

Still un-named kitten got a cold when my gas went off for 3 weeks…he sneezed all over my underarmour shirt.  Gross.  (he made it into a crane climbing dream…how does that happen?)

Toy Hair (the 'Italian' Style)

Toy Hair (the

The salon, grin is due to the trippy feeling caused by hair spray…



By this time the hair had been beaten into submission and safely pined into a knot.

12 Responses to “SnapShots”

  1. lizzie said

    i like your dress! the color looks really good on you!

  2. Kate said

    Yeah, the dress is actually not bad! And the bride is pretty; why must she pout?

    Your room looks nice – glad to see you have some color!

  3. Kate said

    P.S. the kitten is adorable and needs a name asap!

  4. Dan said

    You’re the only one smiling! Maybe the don’t show their teeth in the Azri culture?

  5. mcmacdonald said

    L: thanks! i may bring it to londontown, the heels that go w/ it are kinda hawt…tho very little beats red leather boots…*drool* (oh and where have you been?get reading sista this blog is ON!)

    K: yea, im smitten with seafoam green walls, they make me happy:) the bride is 17 the groom 24 id say thats reason to not look happy? lets play spot the other american in the picture, you have 4 guesses…

    D: my mission tomorrow is to find out WHY they dont smile, it could be something to do with lack of proper dental care…:/ stand by for update

  6. mcmacdonald said

    kitten: must take more pictures…was away all last week and missed him:)

  7. siologen said


  8. mcmacdonald said

    d: because they want to look official, important, oh and the whole teeth thing.

  9. siologen said

    Hey is it just me or are your beds barely 5’8 ft long?

    • mcmacdonald said

      yea, they are short, even for me, tho at least they dont break when i lie down and were not yoinked from an orphanage.
      ha ha ha

  10. Brian said

    I bet you could build a sweet fort out of those two mini-beds, so it’s not all bad. I love how you’re the only one smiling in the last pic.

  11. mcmacdonald said

    b: forts? heck yea! 2 mini-beds, 21 huge pillows: enough to make it zombie proof. (hummm actually midget zombie proof to be specific-im going to hell for that)

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