December 13, 2008

Umbrella Gentleman

Umbrella Gentleman

 My students informed me about him and we’ve been on the lookout for 3 months. And there he is, hiding inthe HA park.


Ismailli, from the graveyard on the hil
Ismailli, from the graveyard on the hil

Last October, we went with the couch surfers to this lovely spot, its just outside Ismaillli, you can see for miles and there is a huge old tree, perfect for shading picnics.


4 Responses to “2SnapShots”

  1. Kate said

    Wait, does the umbrella guy just slink around the park and spy on people?? CREEPY!

  2. trish said

    i agree! way creepy…

  3. Brian said

    <— agrees on the creep factor of the guy hiding behind the tree.

    Ismailli looks like a beautiful place. I wish I had the resources to see it in person.

  4. mcmacdonald said

    creepy? meh, he is harmless, just wanders about town, unless you approch within 6 feet of his umbrella and then watch out, Gentelman knows how to bust a ninja move.

    actually, we scared him. *ahem* we may or may not have sighted him and then ran into the park just to get a picture.

    shameless I tell ya, shameless.

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