Lying is the most fun a Girl can have…

December 13, 2008


I am perhaps the world’s worst liar, when I try and lie, you know it. Take an already painfully awkward girl, times by 10, add in all the classic give aways of lying and there I am. I can’t do it.  I blush, laugh, act more awkward, shift eyes, knot hands, look to the left (or is it right?) shift feet, basically I do everything possible to let the person(s) I’m talking to know that I’m attempting a lie for some god only knows reason and that I feel rather bad/embarrassed about the whole thing.  (My childhood dream of being a spy has obviously been trashed)  This dramatically changed when I landed in the AZ and spoke none of the language; lying became frighteningly easy.  At first there were twinges of guilt (ok, huge piles of guilt) accompanied by all the afore mentioned signs.  I was sure in the first 9 months of AZ life someone would call me out on my ridiculous behavior.  No such luck, what I attribute to bad lying was covered by loads of cultural awkwardness and a language barrier that assuaged my icky feelings associated with lying about various personal life details. 


The lie of the fiancée, that stared as a knee-jerk reaction to being accused (within a week of arriving in ISM) of being a lose women (a mild term for what they really called me) has now grown into a monster.  At first I just told people I was engaged. But then as my language improved I couldn’t just say ‘I don’t understand’ everyone knows I reached a certain lever of competence with the Azeri language; they don’t let me slide anymore.  At first I developed a strategy of calling the FauxDude by random names that were, for lack of a better term, pulled out the arse at the moment.  This worked swimmingly until, in typical form I’d be asked by the same person what the fiancée’s name was and I’d forget and stumble around looking for a guys’ name that had lots of nicknames. (FYI Bob, Tony, Mike, Matt, Chris, Dan, have been reused favorites)  Picking an occupation was easy, there are really only a few professions that I can remember and actually say something about; these are limited to the following: Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Computer ProgrammerDesigner, Photographer, Economist.  Problem is I’m too stupid to remember which profession he currently is engaged in, producing comic conversations that start with ‘Oh I thought Bob was a teacher?’ ‘Who is Dan?’  Once it’s established that Dan is in fact an Economist, the follow up question is naturally, ‘Where does Dan the Economist live?’  Originally my plan was to pick a state I’ve visited (NY, PA, S.Dak., Mich, Ill etc) and expound on that, which proved more difficult since the next logical question was ‘Why didn’t you get married before you came to AZ?’  (Canceling the whole point of lying and putting me back in the category of ‘lose woman’ since no proper man living in the states would let his woman travel to AZ alone)  Then I hit upon a brilliant solution, if FauxDude works in another country it’s the fail safe excuse for why we haven’t married yet, don’t have a date, and don’t really see each other.  (At all.)  I’d choose a country, at least 3 time zones away that I’d visited and knew a far amount about (i.e.; South Korea, Ireland, England, France) plunk FauxDude down in say, Seoul and then describe the country; a stunningly smooth diversion taking the spotlight off FauxDude.  The most difficult country to describe proved to be Ireland, which when pronounced in my wonky America/Midwest accent sounds like the way Azeri’s pronounce Iran-this resulted in one too many heated political conversations and near arguments, so I moved FauxDude to London, where to my knowledge he is now living a very happy life as an Engineer and misses me something fierce. 


If this sounds beyond ridiculous, it is. 


Since I’ve been building up this lie for over a year in hopes of being accepted and protecting my reputation, there really is no way of backing down now. Breaking up with FauxDude is even more scandalous than me clearly being a blithering idiot to 90% of the ISM population. Thankfully, no one has seriously called me out…yet.  What is most frustrating is that, at this point, I’m comfortable enough with my work/ reputation/language/people to just say that I’m not/never will/don’t want to be engaged/married/in a relationship/life partner.  The temptation is to just level with my close friends; admit that I’ve been lying for the past year and then eat crow.  Of course nothing is ever simple, and on top of the FauxDude there are a few other lies that make a nicely tangled knot of stupidity.  I haven’t decided what to do.


Anyway, lets face it, if your only interaction with/knowledge of American women was the shocking chicks of MTV music videos and  previous volunteers who made Mrs. Beaver look like a skank, and then suddenly, a 25 year old single woman, clearly not tall or blond, shows up in your town with a nose piercing and a 14g stainless steel bar punched through her ear, sporting trimmed eyebrows/trousers/skull shirts, and saying she is here to help your kids become better citizens…you’d jump away in fear and run for hills while tisking, but you’d be damm glad that some upstanding man somewhere was willing to bite the bullet and do society a favor by marrying her and protecting the rest of the population from her obvious ability to corrupt all males within a 10 ft. radius.

“Personally, I dislike lies” he said.  “I find that if you act them out long enough, you begin believing them.  You’ll find that lies are natural for people here.  Having a façade is normal, because being honest is such a hassle.  You have to decide what bothers you most-lying all the time, or the consequences of openness.”
 Lipstick Jihad Azadeh Moaveni

7 Responses to “Lying is the most fun a Girl can have…”

  1. misterwrite said

    But what if someone in the ISM population reads your blog? Then not only are you exposed as a dangerously loose woman, but a liar as well!

    Of course, if anyone asks me, I’ve met Bob (or was it Dan?) and thoroughly enjoyed looking at photos of his flat near the Thames.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    drop what your currently reading (which I know is prolly something really good, perhaps by c.s.lewis:) and grab this read: Lipstick Jihad by Azadeh Moaveni
    ive included a paragraph in the main post.

    ps. if you see those pics, pass ’em along, or i may have to move him back to China, since i have around, oh, a 100 or so photos of China..but none of london.

  3. You got me curious. It’s in the Washington County Library system, so I ordered it.

    And actually, I AM reading C. S. Lewis! How did you know?

  4. siologen said

    Hmm, maybe its cos we know each other, but you never seemed awkward in any situation i witnessed. I fink you is being short changing yourself!

    Yeah, just tell em yer hubby/fiances name is Jim, n he’s a Scottish Gangster, born on the bad side of Prince Edward Island, with connections in the Voodoo Kidnapping syndicates of Port of Spain and a multi million dollar mansion on the north side of Sydney Harbour 😀

  5. mcmacdonald said

    m: know b/c you and katie have good taste in books/authors. sending my parents an email to recomend they read it as well

    s: ha ha ha! surprisingly enough, pretty sure i know how to say all of that in azeri :p

  6. mark t said

    you should say your fiancee was assassinated by mexican hitmen while working undercover in colombia. and you’d love to talk about it but he was a spy for the US gov so talking about it is a bad idea….

    that’s what i do anytime i’m caught lying…i just sort of loosely link it to undercover spies for the govt and i can’t talk about it. works every time@!

    um, yeah, my dog ate my homework…it was really hungry, my dad didn’t feed it because he was on an undercover missio…..wait, i shouldn’t talk about it.

  7. mcmacdonald said

    ah, so THATS how you made it through university?!
    funny enough, just got the look of death when i (stupidly) showed a lady pics of you and I, apparently, we dont look like family :p

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