Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2008

My wonderful adopted AZ family purchased a small Christmas Tree for me.

green plastic cheer!
green plastic cheer!

(meh i know its blurry)

And, yes, I did cry when they surprised me with it.  Kindness from people, in any form, has a tendency to produced that reaction.  The reason for the gift was ‘You are too sad Colleen, this will make you happy and then you can celebrate your American holiday and you wont miss your family so much.’ 

J and I just spent the evening making glittery paper snowflakes, drinking hot chocolate and listening to Brian Setzer Big Band swing music.  J misses the non-commercial American Christmas almost as much as I do.  We have been singing Christmas carols to each other; however, of course we can’t remember the proper words, so it mostly ends up being very loud, very off key, but very enthusiastic humming.  This makes us both quite happy.



Ninja The Kitten.  It took a few weeks for me to realize, but Ninja cannot meow, the closest thing is a smokers raspy rattle that he spits out when hungry,pissed or needing attention.  This was made clear when I accidentally stepped on him…

I had been unsure about what to do for Christmas, (didn’t want to be alone, sick ness, too much work, lack of money, etc) but recently, when my stress tured into a  foul mood and broke forth in cussing, (at everything/anything within eye site/reach- similar to last year,  a habit which unfortunately, I’m neither proud of nor in any hurry to fix) it became apparent that a small break was necessary and a good life choice.

So tomorrow I’m off to a southern-ish region to be with a small group of quality friends, drink mulled wine, eat vegan food, take a breath and rest…the idea and hope of sleep is delightful.

(This was sent in an email I received earlier today from KP. The back story is best saved for one of those sharing moments we [anyone reading and I] are likely to never have, therefore, simply read, enjoy and never forget):

“ps- Jesus loves you.”


6 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. That was nice of them, to get a tree for you. I hope that, somehow, in spite of the “very different and very far from home” situation, you’ll have–as much as possible–a Merry Christmas. (Boy, there were a lot of qualifications in that sentence, weren’t there?) Cry as much as you need to, it’s very therapeutic. I can’t go on record as recommending cussing, but maybe it’s therapeutic too. I hope you enjoy your time away with your friends. Sounds like fun.

    And remember, Jesus loves you too.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    thank you!!
    i like to change it up, make sure i balance crying with a good ammount of cussing in both azeri and english…:(

    He does, He does indeed 😀

  3. Mike said

    Jesus may or may not love you, but I bet Ninja does. 🙂 Not only that, I bet Ninja *cuddles*, too!

    (Did you ever get to meet Ninjalicious? I bet he’d have loved you, too – though probably in a purely platonic way, seeing as he was married, and all that.)

  4. Kate said

    Yay; you have a tree!

  5. Brian said

    Merry Christmas!

  6. mcmacdonald said

    m: i think ninja loves me…tho, that whole stepping on him trick didnt go over so well…

    k: …and your decorations are on that tree 🙂

    b: 😀

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