holiday cheer, or something.

December 29, 2008

Upon venturing outside to visit the library in hopes that the computer had magically self-healed, I walked past a group of men, (30’s ish)…being too spineless to actually stand out, the men huddled closer, while each one took turns yelling  “how much?!”  at me.

Tis sad that some Americans I know are just as pathetic as those men.

In contrast, L and I went in search of an internet card at the bazaar.  The guy who owned the shop gave me a free 20 hour card because:  ‘Oh, you are a teacher at school#1, thank you. I know you. Happy New Year! May Allah bless you!’

So that is what I love and hate about being here.  That everything is constantly different and in the course of a day, things can be amazingly good and then frustratingly awful.  The extremes are constant, and sometimes, I almost wish I could turn off everything and myself…but then on second thought, it seems that the vast contrasts found in experiences, people, things, times, moments, and places is what makes this whole thing worth while…and one hell of a story.

2008 was a good year.

(Last few posts have been more personal than usual, have not yet identified why I have the urge to mass vent [always a bit messy] never fear, raging sarcasm, bad photos, and international delinquency are on tap along with a ‘years best’ post)


2 Responses to “holiday cheer, or something.”

  1. mark t said

    hola amiga. guess what? i’ve changed since we last spoke. i know longer say insulting things at women when they walk by. it took a lot of council and discipline but after about a year i can now say that a beautiful woman can pass by and i only say “howdy” and tip my cowboy hat.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    Wow, when we enrolled you into ‘Become a Gentleman’ classes, things didnt look promising, miracles do happen.
    Someone book Oprah.
    and now we can finally hang out.

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