Of Zombie Flicks and Sickness…

March 18, 2009

              Due to a nasssty sickness-methinks it’s a combo of two things: the evil Azeri cousin of the common sinus headache/migraine, and some awful disease picked up from crawling through a ventilation shaft (the grossest since the Pigeon Belly Crawl) while in the UK, that has lain dormant until now and has emerged with the express purpose of rendering me under the impression that my brain/face/nose is likely to explode at any minute- I’ve been at my flat for almost 3 days.  This is remarkable, since the longest time I usually spend here is when I’m sleeping-and come to think of it, 6 hours a night is not nearly enough sleepy time. 

                The up side to all this is that yesterday, the Azeri girls (Lili, Titi, J) and I were able to watch a Zombie movie (they insisted since they’d never seen one before!) at 3pm in the afternoon.  There is nothing like the luxurious indulgence of drinking hot chocolate and watching a Zombie flick (FYI George A. Romero’s ‘Diary of the Dead’) in the middle of the workday to make you feel better-after all, it could be worse, you could be a Zombie with an appetite only for brains, nappy hair and a vocabulary reduced to ‘Uhhhhhgg’ and ‘Ahhhhhgggggh’.  At several of the gory parts, I checked to see if the girls were scared; far be it, they were transfixed, only occosinally muttering ‘Ay Allah!!!’  The movie was a hit, and most of the rest of the afternoon was spent in discussing the merits/benefits of having a Zombie Cat that could attack the boys that harass L and T.  It seems that Pandora’s Box has been opened, as I was giving strict instructions to acquire all possible Zombie movies that exist in the AZ.  While, I don’t want to encourage a taste for violent gore, it is promising that the girls have moved beyond ‘Titanic’.  Next week (if I can travel) ‘Shawn of the Dead’ will be in my grubby paws; exposing them to the dry British humor of Simon Pegg whacking postal clerk Zombies over the head with fence posts seems like a decent cultural exchange. 

           The downside?  Not begin able to run/accomplish anything has caused my brain to kick into overdrive; every failure/mistake/awkwardness/bad life choice is brought back to life and attacks with frightening precision.  Who knew that lame thoughts could turn into abstract Zombies?  Spawned by sickness, loneliness and fatigue, past mistakes feed on current discouragement, making me question my ability to do anything correctly or well in the future.  This type of Zombie is insidious; created, sustained and fed by insecurities and self –doubt it gnaws through logic, determination and strength.  Ridiculous self pity makes for messy remains that I don’t even have the motivation to clean up.  I can’t even tell if its funny when frustration/discouragement eats up half my brain leaving the mucus filled other half to make decisions and I find myself watching-sober and Irish on St. Patrick’s Day-some bloody awful kung-fu movie with Jet Lee and Morgan Freeman involved.  I hope the meds from Baku arrive soon.


7 Responses to “Of Zombie Flicks and Sickness…”

  1. Brian said

    I hope you feel better! You should look for the Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks, 2003). It’s a great read, and destined to be preserved as one of the great classics of modern non-fiction literature.

  2. Misterwrite said

    I found your “down side” extremely insightful. Thank you.
    You know, being human, those internal zombies will be periodically gnawing at you for the rest of your life. Hope that’s not too discouraging. Because of our imperfections, there will ALWAYS be something to regret. But to balance that out, God created hopes and dreams. May they always outnumber your zombies!


  3. mcmacdonald said

    B: can you send me that book? i think as though it would make a TOP addition to the ISM Regional Library-seriously!! (still checking the poct for your mail)

    M: thanks for the encouraging words-hopes and dreams and grace-how anyone ever carries on 🙂

  4. Brian said

    I will send it to you for sure. Your other letter got delayed (sorry) so I will send them together this week.

  5. mcmacdonald said

    or if your feeling rather generous, include any left over zombie movies, its been a while since i had mail waiting for me. ha ha ha !!!

  6. Brian said

    Well, I don’t have cable, a DVD player, or a television, so my movie collection is rather limited. And by limited I mean I own one VHS copy of “Top Gun.” But we’ll see what I can find…

  7. mcmacdonald said

    i owned one as well.


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