JC in the AZ!!

June 4, 2009

April-May09 082 Warning: This post will be updated as we travel this summer.  The back story is too long for practical purposes, but its enough to say that Action Figure Jesus has Glow in the Dark Hands and some Loaves/Fishes.


    Close of Service at AquaPark!——>

marchapril-09-0291 Pay 1 AZN and you get a picture with a badly taxidermied wolf who has foldable legs and light up red eyes. WIN!! The wolf’s owner is a senile business genius!

marchapril-09-025 Think outside the box….

marchapril-09-016I will miss pointy toe shoes

March.April 09 032









Walking on water is still RAD!!


March.April 09 041Wine is better…

March.April 09 043




Pearly Whites!



March.April 09 045


Get your smoke on…


3 Responses to “JC in the AZ!!”

  1. Brian said

    Lol, I didn’t figure Jesus for a party guy…

  2. Emily said

    hehe! I’m glad I checked your blog for these. My friend has been demanding his JC in AZ pics. I will send him here. But GAH! I look more scary than that wolf…

  3. mcmacdonald said

    NO you are way hotter than a scruffy wolf, even tho he DOES have red blinky eyes:)
    dude, just think, we have another YEAR of JC in the AZ pics to snap 😉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (hummm, is this the rich , cute friend? i swear someone in PC actually has one of those who ISNT an oil worker!:)

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