Photography for Social Change, January ’09 Exhibit, Ismailli AZ

June 12, 2009











PhotoClassSalgu 002


SummerPhotoClassToto 022


















Sahib: Self Protrait










PhotoClassTiti 001

















jan09 023

jan09 028

My Girls! L-R: Aysel, Lily,Unknown, Sevda, Gunay






                                                                                 L-R: Gunel, Unknown, Jamila, Colleen

jan09 032







My Boys!  L-R: Hatria, Jessica (AZ6), Sahib, Fariq, Chavid, Rustam, Farid, with Elmira attempting  bunny ears.

jan09 166


7 Responses to “Photography for Social Change, January ’09 Exhibit, Ismailli AZ”

  1. trish said

    love love that first pic especially!

  2. Misterwrite said

    A lot of great shots–here and in lots of the previous posts. And of course, it’s great to see you and Rob “together again.”

    Mike A

  3. mcmacdonald said

    thanks guys! nate and I were really proud of the amazing photos our kids took-it just was a while before i could post them here!

    was a bit sad recently, as its been a year since rob and i were unleased upon Istanbul 😀

  4. Kate said

    I’m impressed; they did really well! Great job, teacher!!

  5. Brian said

    Just what I’ve been waiting for! Your kids have some talent, I hope they keep at it when you’re gone. I also really like the first one, and Sahib’s self-portrait is nicely done. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. mcmacdonald said

    yeah, Sahib’s portrait is amazing-he took a notebook and bent it around the lense. simple. effective. of my faves. since ive started working w/the kids:)

    anyone want to help me build a website? seriously.

  7. Mike said

    Website? Shoot me an email… there’s a rumour I know something about that kind of stuff. 🙂

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