Short and mostly Sweet: The Life of Ninja

June 15, 2009

 Bringing the phraze ‘cuddle slut’ to a new level, Ninja lived the last 4 months of his life in lux comfort, surrounded by ‘cute animal to pet’ starved volunteers and generous quantities of 2.00AZN tins of tuna (which means his food cost more than mine).

Unfortunately, Ninja  met his end at the hands of an astoundingly stupid 10 year old boy, whose, only somewhat remarkable quality could be considered that he has, and will continue to live the cliche of  ‘mommas boy’-and the momma is worth mentioning, sporting the name ‘Latifa’  and not in any way a Queen, possessed of rhyming skillz or a sassy mouth-this ‘Latifa’ is missing most of her teeth, smells wretched and spent 40 min yelling at me in garbled Azeri, only pausing long enough at the 20 min mark to order her boy to take Ninja to the rubbish heap.

RIP Ninja!

jan09 021


Dec08 030

Ninja spent the first few weeks hiding- under the petch was pathetic optimism, as I was without heat for the first 6 weeks I had him

jan09 018

However, counter tops were made for Posin Mad Stylez! 

Dec08 033


jan09 017


Dec08 008 

Dec08 010

jan09 019


9 Responses to “Short and mostly Sweet: The Life of Ninja”

  1. Brian said

    That’s really too bad about what happened to the little guy. But I’m sure that thanks to you, he had a better life than most of the other strays, short as it was.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    learned my lesson tho, small helpless animals are cursed the moment they arrive in my vortex of cultural follies/bad language/temper/sh–y land ladies, from now on, strays stay on the street, no matter how flipping cute they are 😦

  3. Awww. What happened to the cat? Sorry to read it but I say don’t close your heart to strays – as you said, they may be fleeting but they add so much to life … even in their passing – sometime /especially/ in it.

    (I’m only linking to myself here because I think both stories are very apt, not trying to pimp myself!)

  4. mcmacdonald said

    well, crazy landlady told her son to kill the cat. Likely his neck was twisted. 😦

  5. Yikes. Cultural differences For The Lose. Quick at least.

  6. mcmacdonald said

    hey! read your stories today…and now know your idenity. howd you get my address? i didnt even know you KNEW I was over here…
    ummm, i did give you mad props a few posts back, since i still read that one website, you know, the cool one with all those cool people who do cool things in MPLS! 😉

  7. teapotshappen said

    Ugh – here’s a coincidence – Jacques, my mom’s dog I wrote about last week, died of a massive heart attack yesterday evening.

    Yeah, I found you months ago when I saw some traffic come in from that (was monitoring my analytics and watching the traffic from Dearborn MI – Ford HQ), I’d heard you were out abroad, the blog was an interesting window, wound up staying around and enjoying your thoughts … even when you weren’t saying nice things about me. heh

    Keep living the dream, dreaming the life, whichever … I’m not much of a ‘goals person’ myself, but I appreciate seeing those who are really putting their booties where their to-do lists are. Good shit.


    PS – any of your art / photos online elsewhere?

  8. Kate said

    Poor ninja. 😦 He’s super cute in those photos.

  9. Ben said

    Poor cat. Excellent name, though.

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