A Few Tasty Snaps!

August 24, 2009


The AZ5 Ladies in Ming, boasting mad jumping skillz.

MingPhotoCamp 070June09 031



 Yes we do, the perfect rainy day: chocolate cake, popcorn, coke and movies.








June09 054

 Brainnnnnnnnnns, Yummy Brains!! (too bad H didnt see the funny in oozing chocolate)


MingPhotoCamp 020




 Ming. Photo Class.

The first letters of all our names = friends (dostum)





MingPhotoCamp 021

Creative Center Ming. Azra, Kim, Nate 

MingPhotoCamp 049

Bringing the mullet back to the playground!

July09 088

 The day we invaded da Lahood!

July09 037







 ‘I see your heart!’-K




Aug09 021



Look what I found in Xcmaz, my very own, Mr. Clean! Think I’ll take him back to Izzy town…






July09 020

 Faux stars of the traveling circus.

July09 258



 Playing in Baku with a Lomo and my red shoes.


3 Responses to “A Few Tasty Snaps!”

  1. lizzie said

    I like that first pic of everyone jumping – awesome shot!!! everyone says “wheeee!”

  2. kate said

    Love the pictures! You’re right; those kids are super cute. I’m glad you got some time with them..

  3. mcmacdonald said

    …hummmm, just checked, there are 20gb+ worth of pictures from the summer classes, with 8 Point-n-Shoot Cams, 2 Cannon 5D’s, 1 Nikon D90 and a Lomo its to be expected 😀 more pictures on the waaaaaay!

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