Rain drops keep falling on my nose…

August 27, 2009

This morning Mr.T and I went running, then, it started to pour…


Splashing through puddles.

The sound of rain.

Soaking wet.

I almost couldn’t stop laughing at how happy it made me. It is one of those glorious things, like kindness from strangers, pda, hot water, phone calls from that person, seeing a good looking guy, etc  that mostly don’t happen here in the ‘Baijan.


One Response to “Rain drops keep falling on my nose…”

  1. Brian said

    There’s nothing quite like a good storm… when I’m out in the rain and things start to feel miserable, I think of that afternoon at Afton when it hailed on us, and it always makes me smile. I’m glad to hear you’re still finding time to play in the rain…

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