“First Step” – Exhibition of photography

September 15, 2009






















YarAdAn project,

In cooperation with Azra Vardar (Germany) and Colleen MacDonald (USA)

With generous support from Union of Azerbaijan Photographers and Asiyat Fatullayeva

Over the 3 summer months of 2009, youth ages 13-21, in the regions of Mingechevir, Goychay, Zaqatala, Xachmaz and Sheki participated in an intensive one week introductory digital photography course.  The course was taught by volunteers with the purpose of not only introducing photography, but also introducing and encouraging creative expression. For the youth, it was the first time they had used a camera.  Learning how to focus, try different angels and frame, the youth spent a week in their communities photographing people, objects and themselves.  The youth were bold in their approach; playing with everyday items to make them fantastic and fearlessly stepping in front of the camera themselves and to produce art that is both playful and relevant

4 Responses to ““First Step” – Exhibition of photography”

  1. Kate said

    Woo! You rock – love the poster.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    thanks! the opening was AMAZING!! story and photos soon, cant stop smiling 😀

  3. Ben said

    Do you guys need cameras or anything?

  4. mcmacdonald said

    B-we need cameras and we need someone with mad web design skillz and we need a few super powers. Know of anyone that could help with the first 2?

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