Fresh Photography from AZ Youth

September 17, 2009








































































5 Responses to “Fresh Photography from AZ Youth”

  1. Carolyn said

    Colleen, these are beautiful! You are doing such a wonderful job with these kids!

  2. mcmacdonald said

    thanks, for the encouragment, the youth are amazingly talanted!

  3. Kate said

    WOW, which kids took the water dripping off the leaf and *the old man smoking?* What an expression, and the textures/patterns are surprisingly cool. I scrolled back up to look at the old man again three times!

  4. Brian said

    I dig the leaf. Well seen and well captured. That kid gets an A+ from me. btw, are they shooting film or digital? Just curious as to the medium of choice.

  5. mcmacdonald said

    K, the man smkoing is from a boy in Seki and the leaf is from a girl Zaqatala-the girl who shot the leaf spent close to an hour trying different frame/angle/compisition.

    B-they are using simple point/shoot Panasonic with Leica lense 8mpx-in the past we’ve done a few classes with film-but for a week class, digital is best.
    Thanks for the encouraging feedback!! 😀

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