of home.

December 25, 2009

Arriving in the States, smelly, tired and confused, ( a usual state when traveling) I was greeted by a stunningly good-looking, gloriously non-smelling of AzeriCologne, young man at the custom control, who gave me a dead on stare and a real pearly white, Colgate bleached, toothy smile, and said with a twinkle in his disarming hazel eyes   ‘Welcome Home Colleen’.  This threw me into confusion, and embarrassment ( of course!) causing me to mumble an awkward  ‘Thank you’ and then shamble off  zombie like to search for my luggage.

It was only until I was sandwiched  between a  OCD 15-year-old St.Louis boy and a washed up movie producer (who claimed to be on the production team of ‘A Christmas Story’- the one about the Red Rider BB Gun) that I was hit with 4 realizations: (1.) The absolute ‘Bad Form’ of my  garbled ‘Thank You’  (2.) Cute Custom guy was likely thinking: ‘There was a reason they kept that shambling one away for so long’ (3.) Damm, everyone is so happy and (4.)…Oh. My. I have been away for 2 3/4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The state of culture shock has not diminished.  Celebrating Christmas with family, shopping at the Mall of America, buying glue at Target, walking my German Shepherd Mercedes, having NinjalarCandyDiskThrowing fights with Rob and drinking liters of quality wine has been a massive exercise in self-indulgence that is at once both intoxicating (!!!) and strange. 

There is only more in the next 3 weeks and I can almost not sleep at night, (jet lag be dammed) due to adventures on the horizon: New York, underground, dancing with Katie, art museums, Scrubs with Rousey,Sweeny’s, running (glorious running), Uptown mischief with Megan….

10 Responses to “of home.”

  1. Vikki said

    I am so happy for you Colleen! I hope you enjoy every moment you have here.

  2. Kate said

    You’re in the other room RIGHT NOW as I write this! lol! SEee you in a sec!

  3. mcmacdonald said

    thank you vikki 🙂 im so happy presently, its scary!

  4. mcmacdonald said

    katie, YOU are in the other room now!!! im soooooo confused!!!

  5. danielsnowphotography said

    Unfortunately, you are not in the other room right now. hahhahahha

  6. Kate said

    Oops, that last comment was me. lol

  7. Kate said

    I mean the next one that’s awaiting moderation. Oh my.

  8. Nice, just heard you were back in town, welcome back to the lovely temps!

  9. mcmacdonald said

    teapots: thanks! fancy a frozen adventure before I leave-sandstone is calling!? 😉

  10. wow, how telling is it that when you talk about a ‘sandstone adventure’ my mind immediately goes to a beautiful waterfall (in Sandstone MN) rather than underground? I guess going under ‘Happen’ rather than ‘Action’ will do that to a fellow … heh.

    Anyway, yeah – lemme know more about what you have in mind …

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