Retro: Snowball fight 2.0

February 7, 2010

winter ’09
We finished up photo class early that day, due to the irresistible appeal of fresh powder. Unable to say NO to a second snowball fight, (a safe bet that word had already reached them of the previous fight) I agreed to battle on the girl’s side of a match between my photography students. While my girls never shy in class, they cowered once faced with throwing/hitting/chasing and an army of boys; in reality, they were all a bit unsure how to go about having a snowball fight with their teacher, being rather surprised that I agreed to play. Once again I demonstrated a few insidious techniques (sneaking up behind with TWO snowballs and the old Hail Mary Favorite) with the students watching uneasy and the boys whispering in a huddle. Sort of like the shot heard round the world, its unclear who threw the first icy missile, but soon the battle lines were drawn, and the center square of ISM became the setting for a no holds barred, blood sport, Mortal Kombat style flight between a group of 14-20 year old students. In context, the center square of ISM includes several new buildings and additions, such as the ever imposing HA Museum, Central Fountain (with colors and music during warmer months), Untitled Gov. building, Cultural House, Regional Library (my sometimes work place) and The Coke Place (the name we affectionately dubbed the café where girls can drink Coke) The whole deal is a cobble stoned paved open space, providing little to no shelter, allowing every worker,(in any of the previous mentioned buildings) who was likely suffering from a post lunch slump and happened to glance out his/her window to see what the yelling was about, the ability to observe 15 (or so) students and that crazy Ingllis Qiz yelling and lobbing huge chunks of snow about. This was remarkable enough to prompt said workers to emerge from their dens and into the bright light of a snow day, only to be greeted by yells and ill aimed missiles-usually thrown by the boys who, ironically threw ‘like girls’ which begs the question, ‘what did the girls throw like then?‘

The only cease fire was when an older woman, possessing the courage of Joan of Arc, walked into the middle of the fray and exited on the other side of the square, un-touched, dry, and generally unscathed by frozen water. About 40 min into the madness, not only were the city workers enthralled, but also a group of boys, standing around the fringes, mobiles in hand, too cool to join in, but just cool enough to make comments and laugh like prepubescent girls (it happens sadly enough). Finding it amusing that an ‘adult’ was participating and encouraging snow silliness (by this time the girls were, without question kicking major ass, simply because the boys were scared by the newly displayed boldness), they entered the battle zone hoping to snap a few sly mobile pictures of Ingills Qiz. This endeavor didn’t go as planned, as one of the girls, taking a moment from stuffing snow down a boys jacket, told the mobile wielders that if they took a picture of me, she would, single handedly and with out question kill them. Apparently, she was rather convincing, as they retreated, but, in the midst of their retreat, turned around at the last min to quickly get a picture of me. At the moment they snapped, I was A: running after a 15 year old, B: sliding, C: giving a double middle finger salute intended for them. I’m not sure if they actually got the picture, part of me hopes they did, while the other part of me is sick at the thought of that image being dissimilated to every snaggletooth boys’ mobile phone in ISM.

With the impending approach of night time, the snowball fight ended-hats were straightened, scarves shaken out, pants brushed off. The girls were irrefutably declared victors; with waves to our audience, (who was no doubt bemoaning their lives of void of snowball fights and over run with paper-pushing and chy sipping)-the group scattered from the square. Currier and Ives would have been proud-the dusk and cheers; the snow and smiles; the glowing faces and freezing fingers; the rubbish and mess that is covered by snow and play!


4 Responses to “Retro: Snowball fight 2.0”

  1. Brian said

    If you’re going to be in someone else’s random photo, you might as well be waving the alternate American flag (i.e the finger, or in less sober cases, the shocker).

    P.S. I think it’s about time the perma-moon went mainstream…

  2. mcmacdonald said

    B-little did you know that the perma-moon made an appearance in Jan 09 in UK when your truly was climbing those abominable london fences with Mr.Silo after a night of underground/topside WIN…thankfully video camera toting Z was taking a piss or I’d be on my way to stardom as a utube hit :-/

  3. Brian said

    You missed your chance to be an ‘underground’ icon of modern fashion.

  4. Kate said

    I love that write up! Good stuff in the middle of winter!

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