April 10, 2010

At the MIA for an afternoon of good art and coffee.

Ryan shows how true Men pose-proving once and for all that one doesn’t need Shaaap-shaps and faux leather pants to be stylish.

Rob and I are so really, truly, goodlooking they made M&M mugs of us! (eat your heart out!)

how ninjas stay in fighting form: practicing our sweet jumps in the freezing cold.


3 Responses to “AmerikastanSnaps”

  1. s-hi-o-lo-jen said

    Excellent. That last shot is fuckin’ BOSS!

  2. Kate said

    Ha ha, love em! Man it was fun to have you here! 🙂

  3. mcmacdonald said

    Shiolojen: just watched the office episode where they remember the 80’s and BOSSSSSSSSSSS! thanks yo!

    kt: the rest will be put up soon and yea, im homesick!

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