Kivanc Tatlitug, you so dreamy!!

June 18, 2010

Finally this makes headlines, when for 3 years I’ve suffered through watching these shows-Usually in the context of the wee hours of freezing AZ nights huddled around a gas stove with my spinster host sister and her medusa mother, but sometimes guesting, when for hours we won’t speak a word, beyond muttered ‘Ay Allah!’ and the occasional ’tisk’. What really bothers me is that:

You have to understand that there are people still living even in this city who say they only learned how to kiss or learned there is kissing involved in lovemaking by watching ‘Noor, ”

2 Responses to “Kivanc Tatlitug, you so dreamy!!”

  1. Mike said

    Link be brokey, FYI.

    Also, you might think that’s depressing, but note that romantic kissing is far from widespread; it was unknown in Japan until the very early 20th century, and might actually be illegal – even between husband and wife – in Sri Lanka. In Dubai you can apparently be jailed for up to a year for doing it in public.

    Gotta wonder what the people who only learn about kissing from a soap opera could learn from a couple of western movies. I mean, if snogging is new and exciting, think what a James Bond marathon could do…

  2. mcmacdonald said

    oops, will fix! There is a difference between public behaviors vs. private. Even in AZ cops will try and get a bribe from you (be you foreigner or local) for kissing in public. (This happened to me in Baku) Surprisingly enough, (and for what its worth) at the malls/restaurants/beaches in Dubai, I thought the non-foreigners were more relaxed/open in public than people in the AZ. For me, this idea of people learning from a soap opera underlines a larger problem in AZ (and these shows are stunningly popular in AZ)-that both girls/boys are not taught proper sexual health/self respect/self confidence-and this generally results in girls/women being abused/repressed-this is said with complete respect (which you know I have) for cultural differences. I don’t encourage anyone to start massive PDAs’/sleeping around, it just would be beneficial, for as much misinformation/Soap-opera style sex/stylized making out is broadcasted, for there to be the equivalent of knowledgeable/reliable source for people to find out about sex/relationships/good decision making.
    haha yes, Bond, James Bond, they could Parkour across construction sites! weeeee!

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