August 10, 2010

Baku Queue

Ismailli Storm Light


2009 International Film Festival, Baku

Playground, Baku

End of the Tracks, Mardekend

Mardekend Puppy

Goychy, 6.30AM #2

Goychy, 6.30AM

Sleeping Manhole Cover, Kiev

Cave Monastery, Georgia #3

Cave Monastery, Georgia #2

Cave Monastery, Georgia

Song Zang 2009

Last Run of Lahic Bus

Gozel Salon, Ismailli

The Road Trip Begins!


11 Responses to “LoMoFlo”

  1. Emily said

    Hmm…I think I may need to get a lomo now. These are fabulous! Yay for new pictures and all their glory. Can’t wait for Sushi and chatting. I’ve missed you

  2. Brian said

    I dig. Especially the van / street scene from Baku.

  3. Sarah France said

    You inspire me! Some beautiful stuff here Colleen. I love the toy dresses with the mirror…the image makes me feel sad for some reason.

  4. mcmacdonald said

    Em: get a LoMo! esp here its nice b/c eveyone is so uppity (nervous) about a lady having a camera

    Brian: you taught me well, only I forgot the part about keeping track of flim/apeture etc. >-<

    Sarah: thank you! Peace of PEOPLE!!!! ;D

  5. Lizzard said

    v. beautiful pictures, love it!

  6. Fantastic! How are you scanning stuff over there?

  7. mcmacdonald said

    B:everything was scanned in Mpls, I’m still waiting for the 30+ rolls of color :S Tho apparently there is a quality shop in Tbilisi that processes B&W, have to make a visit next holiday.

  8. Mike said

    Awesome indeed! Any idea what film you were using? Looks like an old-school eastern european film (Foma? Efka? Slava?) but that could just be the camera. 🙂

  9. mcmacdonald said

    Mike, thank you! alas, I didnt record what I was using (noob fail) but I know several rolls were from Germany, a few from AZ…mostly it was 200iso. goal for the next few months is to be less ADD about shooting and get a solid portfolio. a new LoMo will be in my hands soon 😀

  10. Mike said

    Odd… there aren’t a lot of ISO 200 B&W films out there anymore; Fomapan 200 from the Czech Republic, and Ilford SFX are it, I think, and neither really look anything like what you used. Tasma in Russia never made an ISO 200 film, AFAIK, and Svema in the Ukraine went out of business in 2000.

    Hmmn… 🙂

  11. mcmacdonald said

    beats me…clearly my camera whored itself out to an international collection of new, used and past its prime film :>

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