Oldies but goodies #1

October 5, 2010

Last night in Detroit, Dead Prez Drain. RIP Dev.

Drum Peeing While High.

Beer Command!

Slim Jimmah in for the kill. Mooo. Detroit somwhere.

Ds makes his MN debut…

Freak! DRAIN!!


Summer Drain (Amph or Temple of Drowned Cats?)


4 Responses to “Oldies but goodies #1”

  1. Brian said

    I especially like the last one. But the drum pisser takes the cake!

  2. mcmacdonald said

    hippy high! internet p0rn0graphers. didnt dan have a mohawk? :>

  3. Mike said

    Heh, internet pr0n0grapherz. Oh, the good old days. I’m pretty sure Dan had his ‘hawk then, yeah.

    I don’t remember anything like the last one in TDC, so that might be ampitheatre, which I’ve never done… as far as I know.

  4. mcmacdonald said

    computer fail = random unsorted photos.

    noobs: find that manhole cover. go. extra hardcore points for: orbz/condoms/creditCards/dead rats/drainSluts/painting with $1 KumGo lights.

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