Oldies but Goodies #2

October 9, 2010

Remember: Always Practice Safe Sex.

Nothing says ‘sexy’ like sandstone tunnels.

Filming with Melody in Trout Brook.

Posing Mad Style in the KYT Drain!


They hid the bodies in the cellar!

Sandstone! Poop! Tunnels! Caves! What better way to spend university break in the middle of winter? Exactly.

It didn’t happen unless there is a group shot.

KD Station!

The Great Gatsby.

Sheiks: Scum above and below.

Drop Shaft, Amph Drain, when Siolo invaded Mpls.


13 Responses to “Oldies but Goodies #2”

  1. Kate said

    Man… memories! Love these.

  2. Mike said

    The Charlies’ Angels shot never fails to amuse. 🙂

  3. mcmacdonald said

    odd what one can salvage from a crashed hard drive 😀 round 3 on tap.

  4. We have that Goggles Required sign up in our garage…

  5. mcmacdonald said

    think the required placement is above ones bed :p
    do tell how/where you acquired such a lovely peice of signage?

  6. Mike said

    On the wall by the bed, or on the ceiling above the bed? If the latter, I’d think a “SLOW” traffic sign might be more useful, all things considered.

  7. Brian said

    I had a sign above my bed for a couple years that read: “Adult Supervision Required.” Not quite as epic, but it was acquired legally. Every bed should come with clear and concise safety directives.

  8. Brian said

    I like Mike’s “SLOW” idea. I also had one saying “4 WAY,” in keeping with the traffic theme.

  9. mcmacdonald said

    B! every bed should!! I broke both midget child beds at one of my flats in Ismailli since the room lacked signage/instructions :> ah do you like the Mels Hole pic??

  10. Brian said

    Haha well without proper signage, I guess your incidents could have yielded far worse results. I love the Mel’s Hole pic, good times back then. I lost all of my pictures from those years, so I hope you don’t mind me downloading yours.

  11. mcmacdonald said

    tho the bed breakage likely did contribute to getting kicked out… Download.

  12. Mike said

    Somehow, you expect beds in the former Soviet Union to be indestructible cast-iron monstrosities that take eight people to move, and be fully capable of surviving vodka-fueled threesomes, foursomes, or moresomes with ease. One of those things where the Combine came, killed everyone, the portal storms devastated the landscape, mother nature reclaimed everything left standing, and a century or two later all that remains are some crumbling concrete, toilets, and a bunch of beds whose decades of paint are just starting to peel, but are otherwise untouched by the ravishes of time and intergalactic war.

    That this apparently isn’t true somehow disappoints me slightly. 🙂

  13. mcmacdonald said

    hahaha! 😀 well put! it disappointed me too. tho sleeping on the floor is so hobo-chic now. 😉

    ps. i crushed a toilet as well.

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