Recommended Random Goodies to Dig Through.

January 18, 2011

New photos+ writing are on standby.
In the meantime, noteworthy (and not so noteworthy) music/sites/randomness/videos/underground sewerfresh that seems fit to pimp out. (as if they need it!!!)

Dirty men underground London. Can you spot Siologen?

MGMT: Hippie Dancing! Gentlemen, ready your airplane! 😉

Poison & Wine-The Civi Wars

Since I cannot resist steamy dirty drain bois and their photography, yet again another yell for 2 of my favorites-if you haven’t already gotten with it. Groupie applications are being accepted now!



UnderCity with Steve Duncan-that desk job isn’t so appealing now, is it?

Vintage in Saucy Red!

Dirty Little Secrets (an old favorite)

Whimsy&Wonder-sometimes hit/miss but good visuals for graffiti ideas!

Under The City-just started on Blogger: underground rivers/history/iphone app (sweeeeet!)

2 Responses to “Recommended Random Goodies to Dig Through.”

  1. kate said

    Yes! I just discovered the Civil Wars a couple of months ago! Hope they come to MN sometime soon.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    this song showcases their voices well (why i posted the video) but is toooooo over dramatic/angsty for it to be a fave. Yea, try and see them or Dessa/Doomtree/Atmosphere. pfffffft MN and all its good music.
    50cent visited Baku = FAIL!!!

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