March 5, 2011

Danny Lunges at the Petroglyphs!

Annie loves the little dancing men!

Martin the strong diverts a train to save Faye the tired.

L-R Willi, Danny, Colleen, Faye, Islam, Dan, Greg, Annie: Oil Fields, AZ.

Mad posing stylez!

Warm up for the charity calendar!  Coming 2012 (hold your breath!)


Modern Art Museum. (from Annie)


Goopy Ploopy Fartting Mud! (aka Mud Volcanos)


Heater! (from Annie)

We think about free climbing the wall…then decided to pay the Xanim 1AZN each  for a chance to traverse a dodgy pipe/board to reach the very top!  (from Faye)

(more to come obviously!)


2 Responses to “Posing!Snaps!RoadTrips!”

  1. My daughter, Sasha Kinney was in Azer a couple of years ago. I see you are are still using your imaginations and being creative. I think that’s what impresses my the most. The ideas you PCV’s come up with.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    Hi Karen, thank you! yes, Sasha was in my group, we had some top notch times…tho its nice to not be a PCV anymore 🙂

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