March 8, 2011

Fountain Square at night, 3-4 exposures. Baku, AZ.

Adventure awaits! Baku, AZ.

Waiting…would rather hop on and ride, AZ.

that smile. Minneapolis, MN.

Pillows, Dubai.

Anchor Pub, MN.

Cheaper than plastic surgery, visit your local underpass! (arse enhancement knickers) Baku, AZ.

The Hat of the human radiator looking over the moonscape of Gobustan, AZ

Blue! Blue! Dubai.

Body art, Jackie, Baku, AZ.

Green Grave Yard, Nic, AZ.

Drifting through the moonscape!  3 exposures, AZ.

Close encounters of the third kind, Dubai.

See 3D weeeeeee! Nasty theater bathroom, MN.


From the daily Zombie Commute: Flame Towers, Baku, AZ.

6 Responses to “LoMoFloColourYo!”

  1. Kate said

    Nice! Love fountain square and the green graveyard.

  2. Brian said

    Agreed. That fountain square shot is super cool. I also like the on with the train.

  3. mcmacdonald said

    Thank you.
    optimistic is a roll a week…
    k: you are ever observant 😉
    B: guess what? I found a Psycho Suzies Band-Aid in my flat when i was cleaning it for a party. how’d they know? 😛

  4. alexis said

    love the first pic so much. but many of the multiple exposures are well done. also love the shot of willie.

  5. Brian said

    They always know… when you have a need for it, at least you (or whoever requires it) will bleed in style. Which is the only way to go.

  6. mcmacdonald said

    a: will send you a print with a pair of arse boosting knickers, so when they moan on about shoes you can chime in with: ‘well the latest thing from AZ is…” ! 🙂

    b: face plant in style, bleed in style! weeeeeeee!

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