The eyes have it.   Istanbul 2011.

Non-sense makes sense in street art. Istanbul 2011


Public service for your eyes. Istanbul 2011.


Latest in street wear.  Istanbul, 2011.

Good thing this one can’t actually laugh. Istanbul 2011.

Dynamic Duo?  Istanbul 2011.

Self Portraits.  Princes Island, Istanbul 2011.

Modern day totem pole. Istanbul 2011

Sex sells medical Braces.  Istanbul, 2011.

…then what is it?  Istanbul 2011.

Good fashion is no guarantee against extinction. Istanbul 2011.

Wise advice, young Grasshopper. Sultanahmet, Istanbul 2011.

Baltic Trifecta!

November 18, 2011

Vilnius, Lithuania.


Riga, Latvia.


Liepaja, Latvia.


“Life is always going to be hooking you…When I really get hooked and I’m starting to get worked up… I might say to myself, “If I follow this, what will be the result? The habituation of strengthening this pattern. What will be the result? What will be happening to me in a year’s time? In two years time? This pain I’m trying to get away from will be more.”   –  Pema Chodron


Leaping about St.Petes never looked so good

Messing with the KGB? Lucky if they are alive on New Years

Consider the past year of Russian plane disasters

Last week we saw Da Vinci, this week its Dogs in Gas Masks

A monthly Event

Dan was our photographer for the day, but we were running so fast, he almost didn’t catch us on camera


Obviously we were confused thinking it was a ‘Jump 10K’ not run…



‘Flying Gazelle’ ninja move.  That is how its done.  Young Grasshopper(s) take note.



Dan finally told us we were supposed to be running. Clearly, we didn’t listen.



The Agony…


…and the Ecstasy of crossing the finish line!


The 10k ended at the Hermitage Museum Court Yard.


Очень серьезные!


We pause to think about being really really ridiculously good looking while sipping a pint.


Flea Market Posing!

November 11, 2011

Fela Market day, held at a faux beach in the center of a warehouse park, was a combination of exhibition, lecture, tasty beer, odd accessories and cool cats posing for snaps.















Appendage Sale. Mix ‘n Match for your own special look.

Table of the dictators.  Errr, presidents.

Wait.  Thats not chocolate?

And thats what we think of you Mr. Lenin.


Going in for the treasure!

Wolf Man wins the “Worst Dog Breath” contest.

Dictator Dan?



Being an egomaniac requires wicked posing skills.

With great age comes great facial hair.

Mikhailivsky Theater.

Men in tights, Faux Leaping Swans: High culture or Comedy?  Swan Lake

Russian Bridges Falling Up!

Gold, Sparkles, Light: the entry into the Hermitage Museum.


Bet Ikea doesn’t carry the ‘Ja Gargoyle Scariest Ja’ in Beige.  Hermitage


Perfect Posture Stool, courtesy of Art Nouveau. Hermitage


The Russians were into gaudy gold long before Notorious BIG. Hermitage


Proof that the ‘Faux Mullet/Hawk ‘ was invented a long time ago…and then it actually worked! Hermitage


Morning Commute to work as a Sea God on a Sea Horse/Dragon. Makes the little Hybrid Prius seem a little…normal. Hermitage



Mega Scoop:  MegaTron’s Nerdy cousin.  Quarry, somewhere in Russia.


Mosquito Target/Hobbit Tent = perfect sleep after 13k hike on HoChiMin Tail






Morning Skinny Dipping! (or Dirty Hippie Shower)


To do: Make Fire.  Sit around fire.  Repeat.  Repeat while drinking vodka.


Men Pose while reveling in the making of a hot sauna fire.



Impromptu Sauna. Get Hot, beat each other with pine branches. Jump in lake.



Broccoli Stalk Trees, as seen from the Hammock.







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