18 дней в Петербурге: Днем 2.12

December 3, 2011

The day started with  breakfast *yawn*

Odd sign spottage.

You wouldn’t know it, but an embassy friend carries the official ‘Oh Shit!’ phone, which happens to be the blue/green one.

We went to Erarta Museum for a night of interactive art and speaking English (!!!) and found a guy crushed by Tetris.

Catch a smile!

Smashed in the middle of the event.

Really Really ridiculously good looking!


I look like a painting at the museum!

Our airplane dace made it into a contemporary art gallery!  Weeeeeeeeee!

Marbles as water droplets.

Dan was challenged in Tetris; popular opinion is that the boy kicked Dan’s ass. Rematch scheduled for next month.

Normal chess was played…

…Then not-so-normal chess, where…

…Daniel is a queen….

…and Dan is an irrelephant-Elephant!

2 Responses to “18 дней в Петербурге: Днем 2.12”

  1. Kate said

    Fun times! Man, those marbles/droplets are beautiful.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    …the droplets are an installation in a room that visitors can pay 20$ to have to themselves for 15 min. also,(according to museum staff) newly weds have wedding photos taken there. 🙂

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