18 дней в Петербурге: Днем 8.12

December 9, 2011

An evening at the Erarta Museum!

Angles.  As requested.

Break for festive coffee, courtesy of orange umbrella drink topper.

Details of abstraction.

Little did you know, this is the first pictorial evidence of the ‘Screwing-in-the-Lightbulb’ dance ever recorded. This also happens to be Noah. Who knew the patriarchs had moves?

The burden of Christianity.



2 Responses to “18 дней в Петербурге: Днем 8.12”

  1. liz said

    hahahaha i love you bean! these pictures are all great!!

    ok new assignment: bad hair. it just needs to be done.

  2. mcmacdonald said

    haha! did you see the p0rn-star stash I found in my house? :-p

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